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1900 Rochester Street Car Cancel

These educational presentations by RPA members and guests may be used by individuals and groups to learn more about their subject.

*** Presentations ***
in HTML (web link), PowerPoint or PDF formats


  • Census of U.S. 1 and 2 on Cover (PDF- 2.8 megs) by Mark Scheuer
  • Year Dating 1847 Issue Covers (PowerPoint- 14 megs) by Mark Scheuer
  • The Catharine McKie Correspondence of 1847 Issue Covers (Troy to South Easton, NY) (PDF- 2 megs) (PowerPoint- 5 megs) by Mark Scheuer
  • Some of My Blackjacks (PDF- 8.3 megs) by by John Flannery III
  • Colonel Ephriam Ellsworth Patriotic Envelopes (HTML Exhibit Pages) (PowerPoint- 61 megs) by John Stoltz
  • U.S. Civil War Currency (PDF- 51 megs) by George T. Fekete
  • Proofs of U.S. Stamps (PDF- 8 megs) by Mark Scheuer
  • U.S. 19th Century Fancy Cancels (HTML) by John Stoltz
  • U.S. Fancy Cancels and a bit of Postal History to Explain Them (PowerPoint- 14 megs) (PDF- 1.2 megs) by Rich Spinelli
  • Hand Cancel Dies (PowerPoint- 22 megs) by Larry Rausch
  • Hand Cancel Dies found in 2015 (PowerPoint- 8 megs), (PDF- 4 megs) by Larry Rausch
  • Flag Cancels (PowerPoint- 8 megs) (PDF- 5 megs) by Charles Adrion
  • My Little Town- Black Rock, NY (PDF- 12 megs with notes) by George Fekete
  • Match and Medicine Stamps of Western New York (PowerPoint- 6 megs) by Mark Scheuer
  • U.S. Beer Stamps (PowerPoint- 14 megs) by Mark Scheuer
  • "Kansas-Nebraska Series on Covers" (PowerPoint- 47 megs) (PDF- 8 megs) by Mark Scheuer
  • Prexies and World War II (PDF- .6 megs) by Jeffrey Shapiro
  • US Presidential Series of 1938- Interesting and Unusual Usages (PowerPoint- 57.3 megs) (PDF- 3.0 megs), (PDF Notes) by Steve Suffet
  • The 3c Win the War Stamp - Common Stamp, Uncommon Usage (PowerPoint- 58.4 megs) (PDF- 3.4 megs) by Jeffrey Shapiro
  • 20th-21st Century US Auxiliary Markings (HTML) by Tom Fortunato
  • The U.S. Transportation Issue of 1981-1995 (PDF- 4.5 megs) by Terry Blum, Western Monroe Stamp Club
  • Precancels (PowerPoint- 40 megs) (PDF- 5 megs) by Charles Adrion and Jim Sands
  • What are Christmas Seals? (PDF- 12 megs) (PowerPoint- 28 megs) by Florence Wright
  • Seal Mail (PDF- 6 megs) (PowerPoint- 8 megs); Seal Mail Script (PDF- .3 megs) by Florence Wright
  • Rochester Trivia Using Advertising Covers (PDF- 4.7 megs) (PowerPoint- 19.2 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Rochester's Landmark Buildings (PDF- 10.3 megs) (PowerPoint- 39.9 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • 2020 Linn's U.S. Stamp Popularity Poll (PDF- 1.6 megs) (PowerPoint- 4.7 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • 2021 Linn's U.S. Stamp Popularity Poll (PDF- 1 meg) by Tom Fortunato
  • 2022 Linn's U.S. Stamp Popularity Poll (PDF- 2.8 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • 2023 Linn's U.S. Stamp Popularity Poll (PDF- 9.4 megs) by Tom Fortunato


  • Bohemia and Moravia, Including the Thresienstadt Parcel Admission Stamp (PDF- 3.4 megs), (PowerPoint- 5.6 megs) by Rich Spinelli
  • 1898 Canada Map Stamp (PDF- 8 megs), (PowerPoint- 54 megs) by Bob Lighthouse
  • The 1898 Canadian Map Stamp- Printing and Varieties (PDF- 15.7 megs), (PowerPoint- 20 megs) by Bob Lighthouse
  • 1924 Paris Olympics- Milo of Croton: From Design to Use (PDF- 8.0 megs), (PowerPoint- 83.9 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • 1935 King George V Windsor Castle Omnibus Issue (PDF- 10.7 megs), (PowerPoint- 84.2 megs), Excel variety spreadsheet by Tom Fortunato
  • Great Britain Penny Blacks Reconstructed Sheet (HTML) by Tom Fortunato
  • Great Britain Penny Reds (PDF- 9 megs) by Larry Rausch
  • Great Britain Penny Reds ID Project (PDF- 2 megs), (PowerPoint- 4.5 megs) by Larry Rausch
  • The Forerunner Posts of the Holyland (PDF- 2.4 megs), (PowerPoint- 47.6 megs) by Jack Rosenstein
  • The Philately of Israel (HTML) by Bert Keiner
  • Hiking Japan- Its Coins and Stamps (PDF- 48 megs), (PowerPoint- 98 megs) by Steve Eisinger
  • Kristallnacht- The Prelude, the Players and the Pogrom (171 megs MP4 video) by Gregg Philipson
  • Manchukuo in Philately: A Personal Perspective (PDF- 4.6 megs), (PowerPoint- 14.6 megs) by John Kellas III
  • Number 1 and C1 (PDF- 3.4 megs) (PowerPoint-21.8 megs) by Steve Eisinger
  • Norden Stamp Series 1956-2012 (PowerPoint- 25 megs) by Fred Haynes
  • Norden Stamp Series 1956-2020 (PDF- 9.8 megs), (PowerPoint- 34.8 megs) by Fred Haynes
  • Confusing, Obscure, Bizzare, and Defunct Countries- Their Coins and Stamps (PDF- 18 megs), (PowerPoint- 49 megs) by Steve Eisinger
  • Oh, That Rochester (PDF- 6 megs), (PowerPoint- 41 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Hey, Turn Me Over! (PDF- 7.4 megs), (PowerPoint- 98.9 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • A History of Panama and Its Canal in Forty-Three Postage Stamps (and Seven Picture Postcards) (PDF- 17.6 megs) by David Farnsworth
  • Hiking Peru- and its Stamps and Coins (PDF- 26 megs), (PowerPoint- 56 megs) by Steve Eisinger
  • Ryukyu Islands (HTML) by Bert Keiner
  • Switzerland A Panorama of its Stamps (PDF- 36 megs) by Harlan F. Stone
  • Queen Victoria Era Stamps of St. Lucia (PowerPoint- 11 megs) by Scott Martz
  • Messages on Mail (PDF- 5.4 megs), (PowerPoint- 6.3 megs) by Florence Wright
  • More Unusual Worldwide Stamps issued 2019-2021 (PDF- 2.7 megs), (PowerPoint- 13 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Withdrawn Stamps of the 21st Century (PDF- 9.9 megs), (PowerPoint- 22.9 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • My Titanic Cover that Missed the Boat (PDF- 5.4 megs), (PowerPoint- 17.5 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Zeppelin Postcards in World War I (PDF- 8.6 megs), (PowerPoint- 15.5 megs) by historian Steve Suddaby


  • Baseball on Worldwide Covers (PDF- 4.7 megs) (PowerPoint-11.7 megs) by Luis Greiff, Jr.
  • Baseball, The Babe and Philatelics (PDF- 3.1 megs) (PowerPoint-62.9 megs) by Rich Spinelli
  • Before Photography 1- Velazquez (PDF- 4 megs) (PowerPoint-33 megs) by Mario Sarra
  • Before Photography 2- Goya (PDF- 10 megs) (PowerPoint-18 megs) by Mario Sarra
  • Christmas in Philately (PDF- 9 megs) (PowerPoint-28 megs) (script in PDF-361 kb) by Florence Wright
  • Winston Churchill on U.S. Covers (PDF- 13.6 megs) (PowerPoint-295 megs) by Luis Greiff, Jr.
  • Cypripedium Orchids (PDF- 3 megs) (PowerPoint-21 megs) (script in PDF-363 kb) by Paul Brach
  • Don Quijote de la Mancha (PDF- 4.8 megs) (PowerPoint-27 megs) by Mario Sarra
  • "Dragons Error" (PDF- 2.1 megs) by Larry Rausch
  • The Eagle on United States Covers (PDF- 2.1 megs) (PowerPoint-29.4 megs) by Luis Greiff, Jr.
  • "Far Away Places with Strange Names- A to B Countries" (PDF- 11 megs) (PowerPoint-36 megs) by Paul J. Brach
  • "Friends I Have Met in the Philatelic Dollar Box" (PDF- 3.5 megs) (PowerPoint-46.3 megs) by Rich Spinelli and Donald C. Spinelli
  • JFK on U.S. Covers (PDF- 8.5 megs) (PowerPoint-19 megs) by Luis Greiff, Jr.
  • Medical Stamps (PDF) (PowerPoint-32 megs) by Steve Eisinger
  • History of the Mail and Postage Stamps (HTML) by Tom Fortunato
  • Mail Delivery (PowerPoint- 10 megs) (PDF- 6 megs) by Larry Rausch
  • Merry Christmas- Stamps (PDF- 4.2 megs) (PowerPoint-19 megs) by Florence Wright
  • Minerals on Stamps 2013 (4.2 megs PDF) by Fred Haynes
  • Minerals on Stamps 2016 (7.7 megs PDF) by Fred Haynes
  • Minerals on Stamps 2021 (PDF- 5.7 megs) (PowerPoint-26.2 megs) by Fred Haynes
  • Mushrooms on Stamps (PDF- 8 megs) (PowerPoint-101 megs) by Paul J. Brach
  • My Family Stamp Album (PDF- 6 megs) (PowerPoint-23 megs) by Larry Rausch
  • My Stamp Collection (PDF- 12 megs) (PowerPoint-25 megs) (script in PDF-104 kb) by Charlie Adrion
  • The Orient Express on Stamps (PDF- 10 megs) (PowerPoint-25 megs) by Paul J. Brach
  • Psycho-Philately: Adolf Hitler (PowerPoint- 10 megs) by Dr. Anthony Labrum
  • A Philatelic Trip Through Norway (PDF) by Fred Haynes
  • Presidents and National Leaders on Worldwide Covers (PDF- 9.1 megs) (PowerPoint-507 megs) by Luis Greiff, Jr.
  • Odds and Ends (PDF- 4 megs) by Rich Spinelli
  • A Philatelic Look at the Weather (HTML) by Tom Fortunato
  • Railroading in Philately (PDF- 11 megs) (PowerPoint-31 megs) (script in Word-104 kb) by Florence Wright and Whitney McMahon
  • Small Stamps (PDF- 1.4 megs) (PowerPoint-3.3 megs) by Paul J. Brach
  • Stamps and Color (PDF- 10 megs), (PowerPoint- 22 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Stamps of Unique Materials (PDF- 2.0 megs), (PowerPoint- 5.7 megs) by Kelly Armstrong
  • "Stamps that Show or Reflect the Details of the Artwork" (PDF- 1.7 megs), (PowerPoint- 12.9 megs) by David Farnsworth
  • Surprises from the Dollar Box 3 (PDF- 2 meg and PowerPoint-6 megs) by Rich Spinelli
  • The 12 Days of Christmas (PDF- 6.7 meg and PowerPoint-40.1 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • USPS' Women on Stamps (PDF- 1.1 megs)
  • World War II on Worldwide Stamps (HTML and PowerPoint-31 megs) by Luis Greiff, Jr.

    Hobby Interests/Misc.

  • All About World Stamp Show-NY 2016 (PDF- 5 megs and PowerPoint-26 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • World Stamp Show-NY 2016 Wrapup (PDF- 20 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • "How I Got Into Cachet Making" (PDF- 1.8 meg and PowerPoint-3.4 megs) by Kelly Armstrong
  • Computers & Philately: Creating Album Pages (PDF- 18 megs) by George Fekete
  • Computers and Philately Overview (PDF- 6 megs and PowerPoint-23 megs) by George Fekete
  • Investing in Gold and Silver- A Contrarian View (PDF- 11.4 megs and PowerPoint-71.1 megs, PDF Presentation Text- 0.5 megs) by Steve Eisinger
  • eBay (PDF- .4 meg and PowerPoint-1 meg) by Charlie Adrion
  • Member Survey 2023 (PDF- 2.9 megs and PowerPoint- .4 meg)
  • Tagging Basics (PDF- 3.1 meg and PowerPoint-102 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Welcome to the World of Exhibiting (PDF- 6 meg and PowerPoint-10.2 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • An Exhibit Primer (PDF- 1 meg and PowerPoint-1.4 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • 2016 Cachet Contest (PDF- 2 meg and PowerPoint-8 megs) by Rich Spinelli
  • A Brief Look at ROPEX History (PDF- 4 megs) by Fred Haynes
  • The End Game- A Dark Story notes (PDF- .7 megs) by Steve Eisinger
  • Creating Better Philatelic Websites (PDF 2.6 meg), (PowerPoint 39.9 meg) by Tom Fortunato


  • 2015 Stamp Quiz (PowerPoint- 6 megs) (PDF- 2 megs) by Fred Haynes
  • 2015 Stamp Olympiad Quiz (PDF- 1 meg) and Answers (PDF- 2 megs) by Fred Haynes
  • US Philatelic Trivia (PDF- 2.4 megs and PowerPoint-2.9 megs) by Larry Rausch
  • Philatelic Trivia- 1,500+ questions [can be used with Trivial Pursuit] (PDF-57 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Idioms 1- Animals [24 phrases] (PDF- 4.2 megs), (PowerPoint- 116.8 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Idioms 2- Food [14 phrases] (PDF- 2.9 megs), (PowerPoint- 64.6 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Idioms 3- Man [18 phrases] (PDF- 3.3 megs), (PowerPoint- 84.2 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Idioms 4- Sports & Games [9 phrases] (PDF- 2.3 megs), (PowerPoint- 54.4 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Idioms 5- Nature [25 phrases] (PDF- 4.3 megs), (PowerPoint- 105.1 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Idioms 6- Music [8 phrases] (PDF- 2.0 megs), (PowerPoint- 48.0 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Idioms 7- Pot Luck [39 phrases] (PDF- 6.5 megs), (PowerPoint- 182.2 megs) by Tom Fortunato

    Postcards (Deltiology)

  • Introduction to Dear Doctor Postcards (PDF- 4 megs and PowerPoint-14 megs) by Tom Fortunato
  • Fun with Abbott Labs Dear Doctor Postcards (PDF- 10.4 megs and PowerPoint-19.6 megs) by Tom Fortunato

    *** Stamp Exhibits ***
    in HTML (web link) format


  • Star Cancels of Delaware County, New York by Ada Prill
  • UH-OH! Mistakes in US Auxiliary Markings by Ada Prill
  • USA 1934-35 3c Mothers of America Stamp- Postal Usages, Rates and Services by Lloyd Hogg, ROPEX 2019 Exhibitor
  • Printer Postage by Tom Fortunato
  • Richmond, Virginia 1786-1799 by Daniel C. Warren, ROPEX 2021 Exhibitor
  • Selected Rochester (N.Y.) Rail Mail by Norman Wright
  • Using the Documents of Commerce to Fund the Civil War 1862-1872 by John Lighthouse
  • Machine Slogan Postmarks of the Washington, DC Post Office by Clarence A. Stillions, ROPEX 2020 Exhibitor


  • Canada 1898 Map Stamp by Robert Lighthouse
  • Cancellation Destinations and Railway Cancellation Destinations by Robert Lighthouse
  • Canada's Embossed Stamps, 1974-1981 by Clarence Stillions, ROPEX 2020 Exhibitor
  • Sanitary Inspection Stamps of Rosario, Argentina by Ann Triggle
  • Poland Prisoner of War Camps- Woldenberg Oflag IIC by Raymond Stone
  • Stampless Postal History Collection of Gabriel Foltz
  • 20th Century History by Tom Fortunato
  • That's a Postage Stamp? by Tom Fortunato
  • Single Page Exhibits by Tom Fortunato


  • Ceramics by Tom Fortunato
  • Everybody Must Get Stoned (but Not Bob Dylan's Version) by Elli Steeb
  • The Peruvian Guano Trade: Boom and Bust, 1854-1879 by Paul Goodwin, ROPEX 2020 Exhibitor
  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Kristen Ollies
  • Idioms by Tom Fortunato
  • In Honour of Dias by Gretchen Dinin
  • Justin S. Morrill and the Land-Grant College Acts by James A. Blaine, ROPEX 2019 Exhibitor
  • Wrestling by Tom Fortunato


  • The Niagara Federation of Stamp Clubs (PDF) by Stuart Keeley, ROPEX 2020


  • The East Branch of the Delaware River by Ada Prill
  • What's a Telephone Good For? by Ada Prill

    *** Society Promotional Exhibits ***
    in HTML (web link) format

  • International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors Promotional Frame by Tom Fortunato
  • Cover Collectors Circuit Club Promotional Frame by Tom Fortunato

    *** Articles (PDF) ***

  • The Sarawak Journal, 2019-12 article about RPA member Dusty Miller
  • "The Life of a Famous Nassau Street Stamp Dealer" by Robert DeLena