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ROPEX 2010 Rochester National Stamp Exhibition
An APS "World Series of Philately" Event

Friday, May 14 - Sunday, May 16

The Sports Centre at MCC, 2700 Brighton Henrietta Townline Rd.
Free Admission and Parking!   Hours: 11-6, 10-5, 10-3

100th Anniversary of Scouting in America
15th Anniversary of Stamp Camp USA

Days Hours Mins Secs
to ROPEX 2010!
Pre-show flyer and show program!
General inquiries about the show may be
emailed here or addressed to:
ROPEX, PO Box 10206, Brighton Station,
Rochester, NY 14610-0206

Phone: 585-752-6178

Welcome to The Sports Centre at MCC

(click the layout to see more about the Centre, click the map for directions)

We're in Rink #1 (without the ice!) at The Sports Centre at MCC, 2700 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Road, on the campus of Monroe Community College. It has free wireless Internet access throughout, including in its restaurant and meeting rooms. The facility is handicap accessible.

The facility is south of the City of Rochester off of I-390 and 10 minutes away from the NY State Thruway and airport. Nearby are several moderately-priced hotels and motels, along with restaurants for every taste and budget. Marketplace Mall is down the road with well over 125 shops.

2010 Show Committee

Chairmen: Rick Kase, Dave Robinson, Raymond Stone, Frank Tritto
Awards: Raymond Stone
Bourse: Dave Robinson
Cachet and Cancel Designs: Joe Doles
Cachet Sales: Rick Kase
Exhibits: Thomas Fortunato, Ada Prill
General Advisors: Frank Tritto, John Lighthouse
Program: Robert Lighthouse
Judges: Ann Triggle
Publicity: Thomas Fortunato
Raffle: team
RPA Hospitality Table: Chuck Schultz
Staging: Joe Doles
Treasurer: Dave Robinson
Youth Activities: Mary Iman

2010 Special Events

"Early Bird" Bourse- Friday, 9:30-11 AM! Stamp dealers not reserving tables for ROPEX or interested collectors are invited to enter the show early for a $20 admission fee. The show opens to the public at 11 AM with free admission.

Feel lucky? Buy a $1 raffle ticket and you can be the winner of one of three great prizes!
(For adults 18 and older.)

Throughout the Show- Members of the public are welcome to bring stamps and other philatelic items to the show to help identify them and get a free informal appraisal of their value. Visit the RPA table at the entrance for assistance.

Cachet Makers' Bourse- To be held Saturday between noon and 5 PM. Dealers will sell their own cachet covers for a variety of issues.

Just for Kids


The ROPEX Youth Booth will be open Saturday and Sunday with fun activities, electronic games and lots of free stamps and covers for kids to enjoy.

Youth 3-D Creative Exhibit Competition- Youngsters participate in this unique combination of artwork and philatelic elements. It encourages artwork with the inclusion of appropriate philatelic elements to represent a unified theme or idea. There is no entry fee for participating. Samples are above.

2010 Schedule & Events

Details are subject to change. All meetings are open to the public except as noted*.

Thursday, May 13
8 AM-6 PM.....ROPEX setup (exhibitors and dealers welcome 1-6 PM)

Friday, May 14
8 AM-6 PM......Judges' Deliberation Room (Room 2)
9:30-11 AM......"Early Bird" Bourse- $20 entry fee for interested collectors and dealers
11 AM.............Show opens, Welcome and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, show entrance
11 AM-6 PM....Prize drawings throughout the day
6 PM...............Show closes

Saturday, May 15
10 AM.............Show opens
10 AM-5 PM....Prize drawings and youth activities throughout the day
10-11 AM.........ACE- Art Cover Exchange General Meeting (Room 1)
Noon-5 PM......Cachet Makers' Bourse
Noon-1 PM......Empire State Postal History Society trading hour presentation (Room 1)
1-2 PM............Empire State Postal History Society Annual Meeting (Room 1)
1-2 PM............Walk-Through Discussion of Exhibits (Frame 1- all welcome)
2-3 PM............American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors "Open Forum on Exhibiting" (Room 1)
3-4 PM............Judges Exhibit Critique (Room 1)
4-5 PM............Exhibit Awards Presentation (Room 1)
5 PM...............Show closes
6 PM...............Dutch Treat Dinner- Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse, cocktails 6-6:30, dinner 6:30

Sunday, May 16
10 AM-3 PM....Prize drawings and youth activities throughout the day
1-2 PM............RPA Youth "Design-A-Stamp" Awards Presentation (show floor)
1-2 PM............Federation of New York Philatelic Societies Meeting (Room 1)
3 PM...............Show closes
3 PM...............Exhibitor's Reception and Exhibit Pickup

For Exhibitors...

ROPEX Awards
Multi Frame Awards

ROPEX Medals
Single Frame Medals

2010 Judges
Dr. Guy R. Dillaway, Chief Judge (Weston, MA)
Jeffrey N. Shapiro (Fayville, MA)
Ann Triggle (Clarence, NY)
Dr. Stephen S. Washburne (Philadelphia, PA)

Exhibit Awards for 2010

Grand Award

Reserve Grand Award

One Frame Grand Award
Small handmade Ecuadorian exotic
wood box with fused glass top

Larry R. Moriarty, Sr. Award
for a Thematic, Display, Revenue
or Illustrated Mail exhibit

Dusty Miller Award
Bicycle mobile for a
RPA Member exhibiting
Postal History

Andy Hale Award
for a RPA Member
Non-Postal History

Most Popular
Cup Trophy
as Voted by
ROPEX Visitors

American Philatelic Society
Medal and Ribbon of Excellence- Pre-1900 Material
Medal and Ribbon of Excellence- 1900-1940 Material
Medal and Ribbon of Excellence- 1940-1980 Material
Medal and Ribbon of Excellence- Post-1980 Material
Medal and Ribbon for Research Excellence

American Topical Association
First Award (medal and ribbon)
Second Award (medal and ribbon)
Third Award (medal and ribbon)
Youth Award (medal and ribbon)

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
Award of Honor- Excellence in Presentation Not Winning a Gold Medal (2- cloisonn pin)
Creativity in Philatelic Exhibiting Award (gold pin)
AAPE Youth Grand- winner enters AAPE s Youth Champion of Champions (certificate, ribbon)
Novice Award- Best Exhibit of a First Time Exhibitor (AAPE year membership, exhibiting book)

American Airmail Society
Best Multi-frame Air Mail Exhibit
Winning a Vermeil or Gold
min. 3 entries (gold medal and ribbon)

American First Day Cover Society
Best Exhibit of First Day Covers
with 75% or more FDCs
minimum 2 entries (plaque)

American Philatelic Congress
Excellence in Written Text
(Congress book)

American Revenue Association
Best Multi-frame Revenue Exhibit
Award Winning a Silver, Vermeil or Gold
(medal, ribbon and certificate)

Empire State Postal History Society
Best New York State Postal History
Exhibit Winning a Vermeil or Gold
minimum 2 entries (Waterford clock)

Postal History Society
Best Exhibit of Postal History
minimum 6 entries

United States Philatelic Classics Society
Best U.S. Exhibit up to the First
Bureau Issue of 1894 Earning a Vermeil
or Gold and Not Winning this Award
in a 24 Month Period (gold medal)

United States Stamp Society
Statue of Freedom Award
Best U.S. Exhibit from 1847
Onwards Winning a Vermeil
or Gold (medal)

Women Exhibitors
Sterling Achievement Award
Merit for Any Exhibit in Philatelic/Subject
Knowledge, Material or Treatment Winning
a Bronze, Silver-Bronze or Silver (medal)

2010 Exhibits

133 frames reserved (131 competitive, 2 non-competitive)

* denotes an exhibiting RPA member, ‡ denotes a novice national exhibitor
-Title page - Plan page - Synopsis page

Click to view the Awards Palmares.
Click to view the exhibit frame layout.
Click to view the exhibits by frame number.

1 Frame   Title Description
Fred Fawn Adult Class
1 frame
Nova Scotia 1851-1863: The Preliminaries Die essays, die proofs, trial color dies, perforated proofs, both trade proofs, all plate proofs, all types and color specimens, unique and unrecorded items.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Larry Lyons Adult Class
1 frame
New Orleans Carriers 1851-1860 This exhibit will show all of the New Orleans carrier handstamps used 1851-1860.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Robert L. Markovits Adult Class
1 frame
The 7 Stanton Entires 1871-1875 Scott #U88 7 cent vermillion. The definitive study of proofs, essays and postal history.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page
Conrad Novick Adult Class
1 frame
The Single Page Exhibit An exhibit presenting to the public and the philatelic community the feasibility of the single page exhibit in competitive philatelic exhibiting.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Alan Parsons* Adult Class
1 frame
19th Century Railroad Postal Markings Related to Steuben, Schuyler, Chemung and Tioga Counties, NY By use of 19th century railroad postal markings the exhibit traces growth of railroad mail service to 1900 in four contiguous "southern tier" NY counties.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Phillip J. Stager Adult Class
1 frame
The Royal Palm A one frame exhibit and geographical study of the world's premier landscape palm in nature and the urban environment.
[Thematic] Exhibit Synopsis Click here to see a prior version online
Harlan Stone Single Frame
1 frame
Private Advertising Officially Imprinted on Swiss Postal Envelopes
All-over advertisements on envelope fronts and embossed seals on back flaps.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page
Multi-Frame   Title Description
Dr. Edwin J. Andrews Adult Class
7 frames
Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck: The Events and Times that Molded the Man Display exhibit detailing the events, times, people and places that influenced the life and exploits of Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck; soldier, politician, activist and author.
[Display] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
John Lighthouse*‡ Adult Class
3 frames
U.S. Revenue Stamps First Issue: Using Commerce to Fund the Civil War A view of our history through Civil War documents and the revenue stamps used to aid in funding that war and subsequent debt.
[Revenue] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Robert L. Markovits Adult Class
10 frames
United States Special Delivery 1922-1997: The Last 75 Years Stamps, proofs, trial colors, design sources and postal history documenting the end of the system.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Robert P. Meegan* Adult Class
10 frames
United States Domestic Letter Rates, 1800 to 1900 A study of the domestic letter rates in effect from the Act of 1799 to the beginning of the 20th Century.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Orville F. Osborne Adult Class
9 frames
Zemstvos - An Introduction to the Russian Rural Post From 1870 to 1917, a rural post system operated within remote rural areas (Zemstvos) of western Russia. This exhibit displays many of these stamps.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Alan Parsons* Adult Class
5 frames
Corning, NY Postal History Including DPOs Now Serviced by the Corning Post Office An examination of mail handling from 1834 to date in the area now covered by the Corning NY post office.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Alan Parsons* Adult Class
5 frames
The Sullivan Commemorative of 1929 A postal division first day cover exhibit focusing on the stamp, official and unofficial first day covers, cancel varieties and cachets of the issue.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Daryl Reiber Adult Class
6 frames
Ethiopia: Overprints on the 1919 Animals & Rulers Definitives This exhibit presents the overprinted 1919 Animals and Rulers definitives and the postal rates used between 1919 and 1928.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Adult Class
5 frames
Washington and Franklin Coils Rotary Press Issues 1914-1922 The exhibit shows production of the rotary press coils with domestic, foreign, and war rate postal usages of the time period.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Phillip J. Stager Adult Class
3 frames
Bamboo A display exhibit that tells the story of bamboo and its relation to nature and man.
[Display] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis Click here to see a prior 1 frame version online
Phillip J. Stager Adult Class
10 frames
From Mine to Mill 1900-1975 A picture post card exhibit that studies the transport of iron ore from the mines in the Lake Superior region to the lower lake ports.
[Postcard] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis Click here to see a prior version online
Eleanor A. Steeb* Adult Class
4 frames
Everybody Must Get Stoned (but not Bob Dylan s version) The exhibit discusses all manner of stones from early man to the present. Covers aspects of discovery, usage, fascination and myths as well as related aspects.
[Display] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis Exhibit Plan See an online version by clicking here
Harlan F. Stone Adult Class
10 frames
Switzerland's Domestic and International Postal Services during July 1, 1862 - November 30, 1891 Great variety of mixed frankings from 10 different postal issues. Ten covers recorded with unique mixed frankings, special rates, postmarks, or destinations.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Raymond M. Stone Adult Class
4 frames
The 5.9 Bicycle A first day cover exhibit of this U.S. transportation coil stamp issued for nonprofit mail use on February 17, 1982 in Wheeling, WV.
[Illustrated Mail] Exhibit Title Page
Raymond M. Stone Adult Class
4 frames
The 13.2 Coal Car Issued on July 19, 1988 in Pittsburgh, PA, this bulk rate US transportation coil definitive is explored through first day covers, cachets, and stamp combos.
[Illustrated Mail] Exhibit Title Page
Stephen L. Suffet* Adult Class
4 frames
Rates and Usages of the United States One Cent Liberty Series Stamp: 1954-1966
This exhibit documents many ways the stamp was used in its day, as well as much of the basic postal rate structure of the time.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page
Steve P. Turchik Adult Class
10 frames
The Usage of Switzerland's Imperforate Sitting Helvetia issue of 1854-1863
A premier world-class "Strubel" exhibit showing used examples of 32 basic varieties, destinations, bisects, production varieties, postmarks, and frankings.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Hideo R. Yokota Adult Class
10 frames
U.S. Air Mail Special Delivery Issues of 1934-1936
A traditional U.S. exhibit exploring the preproduction, production and postal usages of the 3 different 16c Air Mail Special Delivery issues.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Youth   Title Description
Youth Class (age 13)
1 frame
Security Features of United States Postage Stamps 1974-2009 The exhibit displays security features introduced on U.S. postage stamps between 1974 and 2009, including microprinting, hidden images, exotic perforations, special inks, holographics, etc.
[Postal] Exhibit Plan
Youth Class (age 9)
1 frame
Olympic Ovations This one frame youth thematic exhibit features Olympic sporting events on stamps and covers.
Youth Class (age 14)
3 frames
Animals Around the World This youth thematic exhibit examines domestic and wild animals from all over the world.
[Thematic] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Plan
Court of Honor   Title Description
Gregory Shoults Non-Comp.
1 frame
Washington and Franklin Coils 1910 Issue
The exhibit shows the production of the coils with domestic and foreign usages.
[Postal] Exhibit Title Page Exhibit Synopsis
Non-Competitive   Title Description
Raymond M.
1 frame
Honoring Boy Scout Philately A small sample of scouting stamps and covers from around the world.

For and About Dealers...

Interested in selling at the 2010 show? We offer some of the lowest table fees for a national WSP show. The layout is subject to change.
View the 2010 ROPEX Dealer Contract (PDF document)
See this year's 2010 Floor Plan (PDF document)

World Series national exhibitions around the same time in 2010:

  • Philatelic Show- April 30-May 2, Boxborough, MA
  • ROPEX- May 14-16, Rochester, NY
  • Rocky Mountain Stamp Show- May 14-16, Denver, CO
  • NOJEX- May 28-30, Secaucus, NJ
  • NAPEX- June 4-6, Washington, DC Come to Rochester on your northeast swing of shows!

    ROPEX visitors- Email your want lists to our dealers in advance of the show telling
    them what you'd like them to bring for you. Just click on their email address.

    Confirmed 2010 Dealers

    1840-1950 Mostly Stamps
    Table 17
    PO Box 423,
    Milford, NH 03055-0423
    (603) 673-7180
    US, British Empire and worldwide- stamps, covers, lots
    David Alex
    Table 23
    PO Box 2176,
    Glenview, IL 60025
    (847) 253-9872
    US stamps, plate blocks, postal stationery, US possessions
    Dave Allego
    Table 4
    PO Box 69,
    Salem, OH 44460
    (234) 567-4181
    Worldwide covers, cinderellas, ephemera
    Amberman Postal History
    Table 20
    PO Box 4700,
    Clifton Park, NY 12065
    (518) 280-2125
    US 19th and 20th century covers
    Bardo Stamps
    Table 21
    PO Box 7437,
    Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
    (847) 634-2676
    US #1 to present
    Boilermaker Stamps
    Table 13
    1233 Southlake Ave E,
    Greenwood, IN 46143
    (317) 289-7696
    US stamps and revenues, US and worldwide covers
    Britannia Enterprises
    Table 16
    PO Box 2114,
    Orleans, MA 02653
    (508) 255-2465
    Worldwide covers, cinderellas, ephemera
    Brunelle Stamps & Coins
    Table 15
    25 E Broadway,
    Derry, NH 03038
    (603) 432-2658
    US and worldwide stamps, US and worldwide covers
    The Cover Connection
    Table 14
    PO Box 173 Niagara Square Sta
    Buffalo, NY 14201
    (716) 854-0222
    US and worldwide covers
    Table 8
    PO Box 119,
    Alton, NH 03809
    (603) 875-1808
    Worldwide covers
    Al Greco Stamps
    Table 5
    1190 Nolan Rd,
    Macedon, NY 14502
    (315) 986-7948
    US and worldwide stamps, US and Canadian revenues
    Terry Kurzinski
    Table 22
    PO Box 175,
    Cherry Valley, IL 61016
    (815) 262-9117
    US and Poland stamps and covers, worldwide covers
    Lindner Publications
    Table 26
    PO Box 5066
    Syracuse, NY 13220
    (315) 437-0463
    Supplies, gifts and accessories
    McCloud Stamps & Covers
    Table 10
    109 Maple Center Rd
    Hilton, NY 14468 US, Canada, France, worldwide
    McGowan Dollar Covers
    Table 24
    PO Box 482,
    East Schodack, NY 12063-0482
    (518) 479-4396
    Worldwide dollar covers
    Northmont Books and Stamps
    Table 25
    35375 Northmont
    Farmington Hills, MI 48331
    (248) 553-7667
    Classic Europe and Colonies, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
    Nunes Nook
    Table 11
    80 Fredericks Rd
    Scotia, NY 12302
    (518) 399-8395
    US and worldwide covers, ephemera
    Denny Peoples
    Table 12
    8141 Springwater Dr W
    Indianapolis, IN 46256
    (317) 841-8162
    US covers and postcards, revenues, cinderellas, ephemera
    Phantom Stamps, Coins & Supplies
    Table 27
    PO Box 395
    Manchester, NY 14504-0395
    (585) 289-3652
    Worldwide stamps/covers, coins, supplies
    Joseph Rudnick
    Table 7
    615 Route 146A
    Clifton Park, NY 12065-1606
    (518) 371-4610 Stamps, covers, literature
    John L. Rudnicki
    Table 2
    25 Deforest Dr
    Brampton, ON Canada L4A 2Y1
    (905) 495-0603
    Poland/back of the book and collections, topicals including Europa
    Suburban Stamp and Coin
    Table 9
    PO Box 2378
    Syracuse, NY 13220
    (315) 452-0593
    US and worldwide stamps, US coins
    Robert C. Swed
    Table 6
    1204 Elderon Dr
    Wilmington, DE 19808
    (302) 994-6086
    US used stamps and covers, classic FDCs
    Tom's Stamps
    Table 1
    PO Box 470
    Butler, PA 16003
    (724) 287-1931
    Classic US mint/used and worldwide stamps, lots
    Doug Weisz US Covers
    Table 3
    PO Box 1458
    McMurray, PA 15317
    (773) 914-4332
    US covers (FDCs, naval, flights, events)
    Laurence L. Winum
    Table 19
    PO Box 247
    Walden, NY 12586-0247
    (800) 914-8090
    US and Germany stamps and covers
    Fred Zaganiacz Stamps
    Table 18
    2339 Lambeth Dr
    Pittsburgh, PA 15241
    (412) 833-6441
    Worldwide stamps/covers, US covers, topicals

    Postal Administrations

    United Nations Postal Administration PO Box 5900, Grand Central Station
    New York, N.Y. 10163-5900
    United States Postal Service    

    Cachet Makers Bourse

    Armstrong Cachets
    PO Box 24663
    Rochester, NY 14624-4663

    Area Hotels and Rates

    ROPEX has reserved a block of rooms at the Country Inn & Suites, only about a half-mile across the street from The Sports Centre, at a discounted rate of $109 per night. A number of restaurants are within walking distance. Only 20 rooms are available at this price. We also have a block of rooms at the Quality Inn Rochester Airport at only $79 per night. In both cases, call the hotel directly to make reservations and ask for the special ROPEX rate.

    Alternative hotel details are provided as a convenience for show-goers with the lowest 2010 rates, subject to change. Add 14% tax to all prices. Many offer AAA and AARP discounts. Also check other Internet sites for possible discounts at these hotels. ROPEX 2010 is being held during the two-week Rochester Lilac Festival and graduation weekend for the Rochester Institute of Technology, as it was last year.

    See where some of these hotels are located: Click here for a Google map
    (SH)=free airport shuttle service

    Country Inn & Suites, 797 East Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-427-0131 $109 (ask for ROPEX rate, SH)
    (newly renovated, closest hotel to the show, includes free hot breakfast, Internet access, indoor pool and fitness center)

    Quality Inn Rochester Airport, 1273 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY 14624  585-464-8800   $79 (until Apr 15, SH)
    (includes a full breakfast, free wireless Internet, free shuttle to and from The Sports Centre about 7 minutes away)
    Nearest the Show
    Best Western Marketplace Inn, 940 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-427-2700   $129 (SH)
    Courtyard Rochester Brighton, 33 Corporate Woods, Rochester, NY 14623  585-292-1000   $174 (SH)
    Doubletree Inn, 1111 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-475-1510   $140 (SH)
    La Quinta Inn South, 717 East Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-272-7800   $154
    Holiday Inn Rochester Marketplace, 800 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-475-9190   $112 (SH)
    Short Drive Away (5-10 minute drive, east or west of the show)
    Comfort Suites, 2085 Hylan Dr, Rochester, NY 14623  585-334-6620   $126
    Homewood Suites, 2095 Hylan Dr, Rochester, NY 14623  585-334-9150   $142
    Radisson Hotel Rochester Airport, 175 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-475-1910   $149 (SH)
    Residence Inn by Marriott, 1300 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-272-8850   $169 (SH)
    Nearest the Airport (7-10 minute drive, north of the show)
    Comfort Inn Airport, 395 Buell Road, Rochester, NY 14624  585-436-4400   $95
    Holiday Inn Rochester Airport, 911 Brooks Ave, Rochester, NY 14624  585-328-6000   $? (SH)
    Fairfield Inn by Mariott Rochester Airport, 1200 Brooks Ave, Rochester, NY 14624  585-529-5000   $144
    Motel 6 Rochester Airport, 155 Buell Road, Rochester, NY 14624  585-436-2170   $56
    Nearest the Thruway (10-15 minute drive, south of the show)
    Days Inn Rochester Thruway, 4853 W Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14467  585-334-9300   $84
    Microtel Inn, 905 Lehigh Station Rd, Rochester, NY 14467  585-334-3400   $82
    Red Roof Inns, 4820 W Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14467  585-359-1100   $100
    RIT Inn, 5727 W Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14586  585-359-1800   $129
    Super 8 Motel, 1000 Lehigh Station Rd, Rochester, NY 14467  585-359-1630   $101

    ROPEX Awards Presentation

    We're doing things a little different this year!

    The awards presentations will take place Saturday right after the critique beginning at 4 PM. Exhibitors, their family and friends are invited to attend along with show attendees.

    Dinner is on your own that night, as there is no formal awards banquet. But we can recommend Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse, across from the show and MCC at 125 White Spruce Blvd. next to the Country Inn and Suites. It is one of the best casual Italian restaurants in Rochester and a word of warning--be prepared for huge portions! Entrees are in the $12-$20 range.

    Here is a list and map of area restaurants within a mile or two from the show.

    2010 Cachets & Cancels

    ROPEX 2009 cachet cover order form
    (click the coupon to view the PDF order form)

    Collectors may reserve covers in advance of receipt of their order by sending an email to indicating the quantity desired along with full contact information.

    ROPEX Past and Future

    (All documents are PDF files and open in a new browser window.)
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