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Wheel of Fortune Cancellations

1886 Barr's Store, IL Cancel

This page features the research work of RPA member Larry Rausch into what are commonly called "Wheel of Fortune" cancellations. Variations of these fancy postmarks were used in towns across the United States from the early 1880's into the start of the 1900's, as well as in at least two foreign countries, Guatemala and Mexico.

In November 2019 Larry published a 138 page book on this philatelic specialty now available for downloading below either as the entire book or in five sections. It is complimented by a checklist that may be printed in booklet format. Updates will be posted when available. Click to see the press anouncement about the book's release and a promotional flyer, both as PDFs.

Entire Book
First Edition
Parts 1-5
pdf (58.9 megs)
Part 1
pdf (7.3 megs)
Part 2
States AL-IA
pdf (14.4 megs)
Part 3
States KS-NM
pdf (17.9 megs)
Part 4
States NY-WY
pdf (17.3 megs)
Part 5
Town Listing
pdf (0.6 megs)

Update 1
(Feb 2021)
pdf (6.5 megs)

Checklist v2 (Feb 2021)
in State and Booklet order
Excel xlsx (1.3 megs)
Checklist v2 (Feb 2021)
printable in State order
pdf (1.6 megs)
Checklist v2 (Feb 2021)
printable in Booklet order
pdf (1.6 megs)


For those interested, this work's first edition (November 2019) is also available as a spiral bound printed version for $21 postpaid to U.S. addresses. Send orders to:

Larry Rausch, 1403 Rivers Run, Rochester, NY 14623

Inquiries may be emailed to stonywoods840@gmail.com.

A number of Larry's articles about Wheel of Fortune cancellations have been published. Click the title to download a PDF version of each.

Dakota Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Dakota Collector, Dakota Postal History Society, January 2018  
Georgia Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Georgia Post Roads, Georgia Postal History Society, Fall 2020  
Illinois Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Illinois Postal History Society website, Illinois Postal History Society
Iowa Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Iowa Postal History Society Bulletin, Iowa Postal History Society, October 2017  
Michigan Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, The Peninsular Philatelist, Peninsular State Philatelic Society, Winter 2019  
New Jersey Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, NJPH, New Jersey State Postal History Society, November 2017
New York Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Excelsior!, New York State Postal History Society, September 2017  
North Carolina Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, North Carolina Postal Historian, North Carolina Postal History Society, Spring 2020  
Ohio Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Ohio Postal History Journal, Ohio Postal History Society, Spring 2019
Pacific NW Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Oregon Country, Pacific Northwest Postal History Society, September 2017  
Pennsylvania Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Pennsylvania Postal Historian, Pennsylvania Postal History Society, February 2018  
Texas Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Journal of Texas Philately & Postal History, Texas Philatelic Association, February 2018
Wisconsin Wheel of Fortune Cancellation, Badger Postal History, Wisconsin Postal History Society, May 2017

Larry Rausch
Larry Rausch
Questions, additions, comments welcomed!

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