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ROPEX 2021
The ROPEX Rochester National Stamp Show
A 2-Day APS "World Series of Philately" Event

ROPEX 2021 Has Been Cancelled. Join us in 2022!

Sponsored by the Rochester Philatelic Association

It is with regret that due to Covid constraints ROPEX 2021 scheduled for May 21-22 will not take place.
The complete ROPEX 2021 page can be viewed by clicking

2021 ROPEX exhibits accepted before cancellation: 75 competitive frames, 1 non-competitive.

* Exhibiting RPA member
-Title page - Plan page - Synopsis page -1st frame photo

Single Frame Division Title Description
Charles Ekstrom Single Frame
1 frame
Out of the Water Closet The history of the flushing toilet.
Paul Goodwin Single Frame
1 frame
The Peruvian Guano Trade: Boom and Bust, 1845-1879 Exhibit uses postal and collateral material to illustrate the boom and bust cycle of Peru's guano trade. Secondary themes treat marketing of guano and other sources. see an earlier version of it
Gregory Shoults
1 frame
Washington & Franklin Coils 1910 Issues Displaying an important stage in the development of the Third bureau coils with production examples and uses on cover to domestic and foreign destinations.
see an earlier version of it
Daniel C. Warren
1 frame
Richmond, Virginia 1786-1799 Eighteenth century postal history of one of the first 75 post offices in the United States. see an earlier version of it
General Multi-Frame Division Title Description
Louis Caprario Revenue
8 frames
United States Beer Stamps 1866-1919 A study of United States beer stamps from inception to Prohibition with special emphasis on provisional issues.
Charles Ekstrom Display
5 frames
Roosevelt's Blue Buzzard The NRA blue eagle, its evolution and usages.
Paul Goodwin Display
8 frames
Development, Organization and Operation of Argentina's Railroads, 1857-1947 To show through railroad-related and collateral materials the development, organization and operation of Argentine railroads from inception (1857) to nationalization (1947).
John Lighthouse *
10 frames
Using the Documents of Commerce to Fund the Civil War 1862-1872 This revenue fiscal history exhibit is focused on the revenue stamped documents taxable under the Revenue Act of 1862. see an earlier version of it
Robert P. Meegan *
10 frames
United States Domestic Letter Rates from the Act of 1792 to October 1, 1883 A study of the letter postal rates from 1792 to 1883, and the social and economic aspects of the dramatic reduction of postal rates. exhibit reference material
Jeffrey Shapiro *
9 frames
The Beleaguered Mark: Keeping Pace With the German Inflation of 1919-1923 Examples of rates and destinations on covers canceled on the first and last day of each of the twenty-three rate periods between 1919 and 1923.
Gregory Shoults
8 frames
Washington & Franklin Rotary Press Coils and Coil Waste Issues 1914 to 1922 The exhibit features production examples and uses of the third Bureau rotary press coils and coil waste issues.
Clarence A. Stillions
8 frames
Machine Slogan Postmarks of the Washington, DC Post Office The slogan killers used in the rapid canceling machines of the Washington, DC Post Office between 1897 and 2001. see an earlier version of it
Stephen L. Suffet *
6 frames
The Twilight of the Prexies, 1954-1962 Usages of the U.S. Presidential Series after the Post Office Department began to introduce the Liberty Series.
Non-Competitive Division Title Description
Stuart Keeley
1 frame
Niagara Frontier Federation of Stamp Clubs: A Brief Story Detailing the shows hosted by some of the member clubs with covers, cancels, labels. see it online (PDF)

Dealers from our last ROPEX included...

1840-1950 Mostly Stamps
Table 10
PO Box 423,
Milford, NH 03055-0423
(603) 673-7180
US, British Empire, worldwide and Scott catalogues
Dave Allego
Table 2
PO Box 69,
Salem, OH 44460
(234) 567-4181
Worldwide covers, cinderellas, picture postcards, ephemera
Armstrong Cachets
Table C1
PO Box 24663
Rochester, NY 14624-4663
Web site:
US hand-pained first day and commemorative covers
Ed Bailey, Philatelist
Table 1
PO Box 2338,
Syracuse, NY 13220
(315) 345-9647 US and worldwide stamps, US coins
Canterbury Stamps
Table 6
10 Chaucer Rd,
Nashua, NH 03062
(603) 888-4317
Web site:
Worldwide, US (singles and mint sheets), topicals
Donofrio Philatelics
Table 13
110 Chestnut Dr,
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 747-7218
US, Canada and worldwide stamps
Doubleday Postal History
Table 8
PO Box 70,
Rindge, NH 03461
(603) 889-9085
US postal history
E&L Coins
Table 14
PO Box 0079,
North Chili, NY 14514-0079
(585) 721-1575
Web site:
US classic stamps, US sheets, foreign stamps, coins (US/foreign), currency
Greco Stamps
Table 9
1190 Nolan Rd,
Macedon, NY 14502
(315) 986-7948
US and worldwide stamps, US and Canadian revenues
Terry Kurzinski Covers
Table 5
PO Box 175,
Cherry Valley, IL 61016
(815) 262-9117
Worldwide covers, inc. US older/FDCs, pre-1940 US/Poland stamps
McCloud Stamps & Covers, Coins
Table 7
109 Maple Center Rd,
Hilton, NY 14468
(585) 507-3533
Web site:
US, Canada, Br. Commonwealth, France, US coins
R.J. Associates
Table 12
PO Box 774,
Bradford, PA 16701-0774
(814) 362-4471
US, topicals, foreign classics
S & C Resnick
Table 3
2783 W Lake Rd,
Cazenovia, NY 13035
(315) 655-2810
Postal history, stamps, ephemera
W. D. "Bill" Snyder
Table 4
2469 Kyle Rd,
York, PA 17402
(717) 741-5807
Classic to modern first day and topical covers
Spinelli Specials
Table 16
Rochester, NY (585) 749-3031
Dollar covers, post cards, American history and more
Laurence L. Winum
Table 11
PO Box 247,
Walden, NY 12586-0247
(800) 914-8090
US and Germany stamps and covers

Future Show Dates
ROPEX 2022- May 20-21, National WSP Show

Canandaigua, NY Weather Forecast (zip 14424)

Last updated on February 4, 2021

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