Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Idioms Illustrated and Explained

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Title Page
Page 01 no idioms on this page

I. Animals
Page 02 crocodile, bug, rat
Page 03 the bacon, frog
Page 04 monkey wrench, as a bee
Page 05 like a fox, birds of a feather
Page 06 turkey, goat
Page 07 duck, crow flies, fish
Page 08 dogs, bats
Page 09 a bird in the hand, high horse
Page 10 bull by the horns, cat, monkey
Page 11 sick, catch more flies, black sheep

II. Food
Page 12 an egg, a watched pot, wild oats
Page 13 banana, apple
Page 14 and barrel, grain
Page 15 chickens before they hatch
Page 16 of cake, butter
Page 17 flat as a pancake, cooking
Page 18 from soup, cup of tea, eggs in one basket

III. Man
Page 19 fingertips, your ear
Page 20 the other cheek, on the other foot, off your chest
Page 21 skin of your teeth, head and shoulders
Page 22 stiff upper lip, put your money, your chin up
Page 23 fingers to the bone, skin and bones
Page 24 down his nose, throw the baby
Page 25 out of your hands, blood is thicker
Page 26 bone to pick, hair down

IV. Sports & Games
Page 27 long bow, or swin
Page 28 dice, skating on thin
Page 29 little pitchers
Page 30 catch
Page 31 play, for the course, fly a kite

V. Nature
Page 32 hot water, under the sun, over the dam
Page 33 to the wind
Page 34 between a rock, put that in your pipe
Page 35 the coast, and into the fire
Page 36 head in the sand, the air, like a rose
Page 37 a new leaf, the lily
Page 38 diamond in the, with fire, a tree
Page 39 cross that bridge, forest before the trees
Page 40 in the clouds, while the sun shines, logs
Page 41 make a mountain, the sky's
Page 42 to a star, high water

VI. Music
Page 43 bells, your own horn (trumpet)
Page 44 sing, as a fiddle
Page 45 as a bell, second fiddle
Page 46 chairs, on the horns

VII. Pot Luck
Page 47 cloak, shoe to drop, feather
Page 48 heels, your boots
Page 49 train, boat, beaten track
Page 50 the boat, put the cart
Page 51 or ship out, the boat
Page 52 fence, back seat, the wall
Page 53 the fort, time
Page 54 in his grave, a marriage
Page 55 death's door, the devil, burn the candle
Page 56 while the iron is hot, screw loose, the ax
Page 57 jump in the lake, lead baloon
Page 58 the red tape, red carpet
Page 59 on the wall, the pen, take pen
Page 60 it's Greek, square
Page 61 book, the books
Page 62 jack, jump
Page 63 love, light at

Page 64 a picture

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