Philatelic Reflections of the 20th Century

This 16 page exhibit explores the history of the twentieth century through covers and other philatelic material.

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Page 01 Ball Title Page

Page 02 Ball The 1906 SF Earthquake

Page 03 Ball Sinking of the Titanic

Page 04 Ball Peace Treaty in Versailles

Page 05 Ball Lucky Lindy

Page 06 Ball The Hindenberg Disaster

Page 07 Ball The U.S. in World War II

Page 08 Ball Birth of the United Nations

Page 09 Ball Remnants of the Cold War

Page 10 Ball Death of a President

Page 11 Ball Man on the Moon

Page 12 Ball Vietnam United

Page 13 Ball The Panama Canal

Page 14 Ball Las Islas Malvinas

Page 15 Ball Challanger

Page 16 Ball Baltic Freedom

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