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1964 NAPEX Stamp Show Visit, September 17-20, Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC

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Several RPA members visited the 1964 NAPEX Stamp Show in Washington, DC to lobby APS officials to nominate Rochester as host city for the 1968 APS national convention. Here the APS business meeting is taking place with a large Rochester banner at the head table and several people wearing "You'll Love Rochester" pins. APS executive secretary Jim DeVoss is seated at the far left, speaking is Robert Corless, with two other unidentified APS officers farther down the table.

Fred Thomas, former President of the APS, at the podium.

Taking questions from the attendees.

At the NAPEX banquet, from left to right: Betty Stevens, Gordon Morison, Mary Morison, and an unknown person.

NAPEX banquet head table.