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Rochester Advertising Covers

1914 J Hungerford Smith Company True Fruit cover

Rochester has always been a "city of business." This was especially true during its boomtown period from 1850-1925 when companies large and small transformed the area into New York's third largest metropolis. This page is dedicated to philately that demonstrates that best--through advertising covers. They're colorful, illustrative, educational and just plain fun to look through. Spend some time and you'll agree that they represent a wonderful way to examine a by-gone era in Rochester's history.

The master spreadsheet of covers is downloadable here, as are two presentations that use advertising covers seen here.

Master Advertising Cover Checklist:       Presentations: Rochester Trivia Using Advertising Covers       Rochester Landmark Buildings

1927 Rochester map, border coordinates used in spreadsheet's "Map" column (click to enlarge).  
Click each to see the locations of
these mapped to today's addresses:
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(Locations auto-mapped out of greater Rochester
are probably in error. Mapping by BatchGeo.com.)

Now with 953 different advertising covers on this page.  

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Click any image to enlarge it. Letters seen after the company name or address mean similar or multiple listings are shown here.
(x) alone in the address field means no address given on the cover. (x) after an address means the address was found using another source.

NoneP O Box 14
3rd NY Volunteer Cavalry Association(x)association
A B FosterWilliam St 6electro-magnetic insoles
A DewolfEast Ave 1834grocery, market, bakery
A Dinkelspiel CompanySt Paul St North corner Andrews Stclothing manufacturer
A E Brown and Company(x)shoes
A E DumbleState St 44-46photography studio
A Frost and Company aPlymouth Ave 368 a (x)nurseries
A G Knapp(x)Public School 13 Principal
A J KanealeChestnut St 89contractor
A M ZimbrichSouth Ave 31-35bike, auto and motorcycle manufacturer
A V Smith CompanyState St 57harness and horse furnishings
Absorbent Compress Company aState St 75 amedicinal compress absorbing germs, disease
Absorbent Compress Company bState St 75 bmedicinal compress absorbing germs, disease
Acker, Merrall and Condit CompanyDuffy-McInnerney Company Buildingpublishers
Adolph Roda aRiver St near North St Paul (30 River St) a (x)furniture carvings
Adolph Spiehler aCourt St 202-206 aperfumes and toilet waters
Adolph Spiehler bCourt St 202-206 b (x)perfumes and toilet waters
Albert WillExchange St 28 (x)Quick-Meal gas and gasoline stoves
Alfred WrightWillowbank and Troup Streets (x)perfumer
Alert Products, Inc(x)pump and plunger manufacturer
Alfred G MudgeCourt House 2lawyer
Alliance Bank aMain St East 183 a (x)bank
Alling and Cory CompanyExchange St 66-70 (x)paper distributor, mouth wash
American Association of NurserymenGranite Building 204association
American Chemical Manufacturing and Mining CompanyJay St 6 (x)shoe polish
American Express Company(x)financial and delivery services
American Fruit Product CompanyWhite St 57 (x)fruit products
American Society for the Control of Cancer, IncPark Ave 457association
American Woodworking Machinery Company aLyell Ave 591 a (x)wood working equipment manufacturer
American Woodworking Machinery Company bLyell Ave 591 bwood working equipment manufacturer
American Woodworking Machinery Company cLyell Ave 591 cwood working equipment manufacturer
American Woodworking Machinery Company dLyell Ave 591 dwood working equipment manufacturer
Amsden's Banking and InsuranceMain St West and State St (x)banking and insurance
Andrews Market, IncFront St 71-73grocery market
Annex Museum of Living Wonders(x)
Aquatic Cream Separator CompanyPacific St 320manufacturer
Archer Manufacturing CompanyWater St North 5-9 (x)chairs
Art Parlors(x)fruit plate publishers
Arthur S CoreMain St West 32 (Reynolds Arcade)phosphate/fertilizer sales
Artistoria Novelty Company(x)display cabinets for druggists
Association for the Blind of RochesterMonroe Ave 439 (White Memorial Building)association
Auction Sales CompanyGranite Buildingauctioneers
Ayers HotelMill St 82-84 (x)hotel
B B ClarkTriangle Buildingoptometry doctor, VP Rochester Optical Club
B C Montgomery CompanyGranite Building 824publisher
B H BaconWest Ave 183-193medicine cures
B H BaconWest Ave 183-193 (x)medicine cures
Bangs and CompanyWater St Northchair manufacturer
Bank of MonroeExchange St 21 (x)bank
Baptist Social Union of Rochester(x)union
Bartholomay Brewing Company aSt Paul St North 600 (at Vincent Pl-Smith St) a (x)brewery
Bartholomay Brewing Company bSt Paul St North 600 (at Vincent Pl-Smith St) b (x)brewery
Bausch and Lomb Optical Company aSt Paul St 602optical products
Bausch and Lomb Optical Company bP O Drawer 1033optical products
Bausch and Lomb Optical Company cSt Paul St 602 (x)optical products
Bellys-Williams Company IncMonroe Ave 190-194
Ben Miller Hardware and PaintsState St 551-555hardware and paints
Benjamin-Franklin Junior Senior High SchoolNorton St 950school
Berger Brothers Electric Motors, IncState St 395electric motors
Berman Publishing CompanyVienna St 12publishers
Blossom HotelMain St corner St Paul St bhotel
Boy Scouts of America Rochester ChapterWater St North 80association
Brackett House aCentral Ave and Mill St b (x)hotel
Brackett House bCentral Ave and Mill St c (x)hotel
Brackett House cCentral Ave and Mill St dhotel
Brandt Mercantile AgencyLincoln Alliance Bank Building 845collections, credit reports
Brewster, Gordon and Company, Inc aWater St North 39-47 afood products
Brewster, Gordon and Company, Inc bWater St North 39 bfood products
Brewster, Gordon and Company, Inc cWater St North 39 cfood products
Brewster, Gordon and Company, Inc dWater St North 39 dfood products
Brewster, Gordon and Company, Inc eCanal St 40 a (x)wholesale grocers and importers, IGA depot
Brewster, Gordon and Company, Inc fCanal St 40 bwholesale grocers and importers, IGA depot
Brick Presbyterian ChurchFitzhugh St North 133church
Bricklayers, Plasterers and Stonemasons UnionP O Box 410association
Briggs and Brother aMain St East 279 a (x)garden, field and flower seeds
Briggs and Brother bMain St East 279 b (x)garden, field and flower seeds
Briggs Optical CompanyTriangle Building East 97 (x)eyeglasses
Bromley and Company(x)
Brooks BrothersLyell Ave 340 (x)furniture manufacturer
Brown Brothers a(x)nurserymen
Brown Brothers Continental Nurseries b(x)nurserymen
Brown Brothers Continental Nurseries c(x)nurserymen
Buedinger Manufacturing CompanyCampbell St 481 (x)liquor sales
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad CompanyMain St West 320 (x)railroad
Builder's and Building Supply Dealers Exchange(x)building supplies
Burke, Fitzsimons, Hone and Company aMain St East 53-57 a (x)dry goods and carpets
Burke, Fitzsimons, Hone and Company bMain St East 53-57 b (x)dry goods and carpets
Burke, Fitzsimons, Hone and Company cMain St East 53-57 b (x)dry goods and carpets
Burnett and WrightExchange St 38printers
Burnett Printing CompanyWater St South 25printers
Burr and ChamberlainState St 49Mitchell"s Perfumery and Extracts
Byers Shoe StoreJoseph Ave 329-337shoes
C A ClarkAllen St 1spring bed manufacturer
C A Kellogg and Company-Brackett HouseCentral Ave and Mill St a (x)hotelier
C B Woodworth Sons Company(x)perfumes and extracts
C H Morse and Son aWater St South 13seals, stencils, rubber stamps, checks
C H Morse and Son bWater St South 15rubber stamps, stencils, metal checks
C J Conolly and Company aMain St corner St Paul St arubber stamps, stencils, seal presses
C J Conolly bWater St South 3rubber stamp and stencil works
C J Hill and Son aWater Stmerchant millers
C J Hill and Son bWater St South near Main b (x)flour producers
C M Hooker and Sons(x)fruit produce
C T Ham Manufacturing CompanyOak St 731 (x)tubular and railroad lamps and lanterns
C W ClarkState St 19hatter and furrier
C W Woodward aState St 126 ablack walnut brackets, looking glasses
C W Woodward bState St 126 blooking glasses, picture frames, chromos
Caldwell Sash BalanceState St 288-290window sash hardware
Casket Publishing CompanyPowers Building 444publication
Central Bank(x)bank
Chamberlin Rubber CompanyClinton Ave North 186hoses, custome gaskets
Chapin-Owen CompanySt Paul St 205-213industrial tools and supplies
Chappell, Chase, Maxwell and Company aState St 105burial caskets and undertaker supplies
Chappell, Chase, Maxwell and Company bState St 131-133 aburial caskets and undertaker supplies
Chappell, Chase, Maxwell and Company cState St 131-133 bburial caskets and undertaker supplies
Charles A Green(x)nurserymen
Charles B Hill(x)flour
Charles D Tuke Insurance AgencyGranite Buildinginsurance
Charles H Chase cEast Park 2 c (x)nurserymen
Charles H Chase dEast Park 2 d (x)nurserymen
Charles H KingsburyPowers Block 98-99lawyer
Charles H WenigerSouth Ave 122-124harness, dog supplies, sporting goods
Charles J Hayden Company aState St 180-186 afurniture and chair manufacturer
Charles J Hayden and Company bState St 180-186 b (x)furniture and chair manufacturer
Charles W Anderson(x)shoes
Charles Watson aMumford 22-24 aparlor furniture
Charles Watson bMumford 22-24 bparlor furniture
Charles Zutes and CompanySouth Ave 59-61candy wholesalers
Chase Brothers(x)nurseries
Chase Brothers Company a(x)nurseries
Chase Brothers Company b(x)nurseries
Children's Aid SocietyLivingston Building 409-411child placement social services
Christy Color-Printing-Engraving, IncSt Paul St 183 (Searle Building)printers
Church Insurance AssociationInsurance Building 606insurance
Citizens Gas CompanySt Paul St North 15utility
City Clerk's OfficeCity Hall 31government office
Clark and AndrusMain St East 405 aChampion window-sash locks and fasteners
Clark Paint and Oil CompanyState St 131lead, colors, varnishes
Clark Paper and Manufacturing Company(x)Stek-o paste
Clarke National Bank(x)bank
Clinton Hotel-Kremlin Dining Saloon cExchange St 28 chotel
Clinton House aExchange St 28 ahotel
Clinton House bExchange St 28 bhotel
Collotos BrothersClinton Ave South 5florists
Condensed Air Institute(x)treatment of acute chronic disease
Congress HallCentral Ave and Mill St e (x)hotel
Congress HallCentral Ave and Mill St e (x)hotel
Congress HallCentral Ave and Mill St ehotel
Co-Operative Foundry Company a(x)Red Cross stoves, ranges, hot air furnces
Co-Operative Foundry Company bDrawer 1029Red Cross stoves, ranges, hot air furnces
Co-Operative Foundry Company c(x)Red Cross stoves, ranges, hot air furnces
Copeland and Durgin CompanyJay St 126 (x)dining room tables, lounge chairs
Country ClubEast Ave 2935 (x)country club
Covert Stamp Company aEllwanger and Barry Building 602 astamps
Covert Stamp Company bEllwanger and Barry Building 602 bstamps
Covert Stamp Company cEllwanger and Barry Building 712stamps
Cramer-Force CompanyMain St East 53grain bags, flour sacks, paper products, twine
Crosby Frisian Fur CompanyLyell Ave 571furs
Crosby Frisian Fur CompanyLyell Ave 571furs
Crosman Brothers aMonroe Ave 300 a (x)seed merchants
Crosman Brothers bMonroe Ave 300 b (x)vegetable flower seeds
Cross Brothers and Company aFront St 108 asaddlery, harness leather, shoe findings
Cross Brothers and Company bMill St 114 bsaddlery, harness leather, shoe findings
Cross Brothers and Company cMill St 114 csaddlery, harness leather, shoe findings
Curtis Brothers Company a(x)preservers
Curtis Brothers Company b(x)catchup
Curtis Brothers Company c(x)Blue Label ketchup
Curtis, Morey and Company(x)newspaper publisher, printer
Cutler Manufacturing Company aEast Ave 216 a (x)mail chutes
Cutler Manufacturing Company bEast Ave 216 b (x)mail chutes
Cutler Manufacturing Company cEast Ave 216 c (x)mail chutes
Cutler Manufacturing Company dEast Ave 216 d (x)mail chutes
D A Woodbury and Company aMill and Furnace Streets asteam engines and boilers
D A Woodbury and Company bMill and Furnace Streets bsteam engines and boilers
D Armstrong and Company aMill St 120 ashoes and boots
D Armstrong and Company bMill St 120 bshoes and boots
D Deavenport and CompanyMain St East corner Franklin St (x)wholesale butter, eggs, cheese
D G RobbinsGlenwood Ave 7fruit processing machinery agent, inventor
D M Dewey aReynolds Arcade a (x)bookseller and publisher
D M Dewey bReynolds Arcade b (x)bookseller and publisher
D M Dewey cReynolds Arcade c (x)bookseller and publisher
D M Garson(x)clothier and furnisher
D ParmelyStone St 37silversmith
D W Powers(x)banker, Daniel W Powers, millionaire
D W Fish(x)bookseller
Dale SanitariumLake Ave 1040hospital
Damascus TempleP O Box 580association
Daughters of the American RevolutionLivingston Park 11association
David UptonKent St 88saw tools
Davis and Leyden Dental Depot(x)dental supplies
De L Crittenden(x)lawyer
Defender Photo Supply CompanyDriving Park Blvd 666 (Argo Park) (x)photo supplies
Defiance Machine Company aMain St East 89 acheck protector
Defiance Machine Company bMain St East 89 bcheck protector
Deininger BrothersNorth St 380-392 (x)cracker and biscuit manufacturer
Dr John C ProctorBuckingham St 29doctor office
Dr S W Mehr, DDSDewey Ave 808dentist
Drexler Print ShopSt Paul St 36printers
Duffy Powers Company aMain St West 50department store
Duffy Powers Company bMain St West 50department store
Dunham and CompanyRiver Stcane seat chair manufacturer
E A LowellMain St West 107cigars, tobacco, smokers articles
E B NellGranite Building 534-536insurance agent, Aetna
E C Brown and Company(x)seed growers and merchants
E C Brown Company aJay St 26 a (x)power car paint sprayer
E C Brown Company bJay St 26 b (x)power car paint sprayer
E Coleman and CompanyState St corner Platt Stlumber merchants
E H Hall CompanyElm St 15-19bicycle and acessories manufacturer
E K Warren and BrotherSt Paul and Atwater Stbrewery
E Kirstein Sons Company aKirstein Building (x-est 170 Franklin St)optical products
E Kirstein Sons Company bKirstein Building (x-est 170 Franklin St)optical products
E Kirstein Sons Company cKirstein Building (x-est 170 Franklin St)optical products
E M Higgins CompanyMain St West 18wine merchants
E O Graham(x)nurserymen
E Ocumpaugh aMain St Bridge 17men's furnisher
E Ocumpaugh bMain St Bridge 72men's furnisher
E Pogal Produce CompanyPublic Market 32produce
E R AndrewsAqueduct St 1printer, bookbinder and stationar
E Roda and Company bRiver St near North St Paul (30 River St) bcarving works
E W DoolittleLenox St 136contractor and builder
E W Edwards and Sons aMain St East 132-142 (x)department store
E W Edwards and Sons bMain St East 132-142 (x)department store
Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company aState St 341 aphotography film
Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company bState St 341 bphotography film
Eastman Kodak Company aState St 343 aphotography equipment
Eastman Kodak Company bState St 343 bphotography equipment
Eastman Kodak Company cState St 343 cphotography equipment
Eastman Kodak Company dState St 343 dphotography equipment
Eastman TheaterGibbs St 26 (x)theater
East-Side Building and Improvement CompanyChamber of Commerce Building 918builders?
Educational Gazette CompanyState St 39 (x)publishers
Edward F HigginsFitzhugh St North 84-90
Electric Furnace Man Sales CorporationSpring St 135coal burning electric furnaces
Ellwanger and Barry-Mt Hope Nurseries a(x)nursery
Ellwanger and Barry-Mt Hope Nurseries b(x)nursery
Empire Blower Company(x)furnace? blowers
Empire Bracket Works aAllen St 213 abrackets, fancy stands
Empire Bracket Works bAllen St 213 bbrackets, fancy stands
Empire Moulding Works aFront St 15decorative mouldings and frames
Empire Moulding Works bGorham St 39 a (x)decorative mouldings and frames
Empire Moulding Works cGorham St 39 b (x)decorative mouldings and frames
Empire Pressed Brick CompanyPowers Building 212brick manufacturer
Equitable Life Assurance SocietyGranite Building 714insurance
Erdle Perforating Company(x)perforated metal products
Ernest H ShortBox 173nature instruments, supplies, publications
Estate of William Corning(x)estate
Eugene C DentonPowers Building 230-232lawyer
Eureka Steam Heating CompanyState St 302boilers and radiators
Evening TimesMain St East 42newspaper
Executive Offices-Rochester Exposition and Horse ShowPowers Building 307-309executive offices
Exponent OfficeMain St East 144 
F B Rae and CompanyCliff St 50 (x)oils and greases
F B Rae Oil Company, IncFoot of Ambrose Stoils and greases
F E Reed Glass CompanyMaple St 860glass bottle manufacturers
F Goetzmann and SonsGerman Insurance Company Building 32-33liquor
F H Loeffler Company aFront St 48barber and beauty parlor supplies
F H Loeffler Company bFront St 16barber and beauty parlor supplies
F J Trimmel CompanyMain St West 376dog food
F Kingsley and CompanyReynolds Arcade 48real estate
F L Heughes and CompanySt Paul St South 190iron foundry
F RuckdeschelCenter Stmarble and wood top center tables
F Tulley(x)Brunswick stove manufacturer
F W LittleState St 95-99boots and shoes
F W MaxonMain St West 14rubber stamps and stencils
Farm Stock JournalWater St South 5 apublication
Farmen for FlowersDriving Park Ave 331flowers
Fayetteville MillsMill St 19-21 b
Fee Brothers CompanyWater St North 21 (x)wine and liquor, syrup flavorings
Ferrin Brothers Company aWilder Building 601-604 a (x)purchasers, packers, shippers, cold storage
Ferrin Brothers Company bWilder Building 601-604 b (x)New York and Michigan farm products
Ferrin Brothers Company cWilder Building 601-604 cNew York and Michigan farm products
Fitch and AllingsState St 79hides, oil, shoe and harness leather
Florence Sewing Machine CompanyState St 121sewing machines
Flour City Life AssociationMain St East 187insurance
Flour City National BankState St 32 (x)bank
Flower City Plant Food Company(x)plant food
Flower City Specialty CompanyMill St 250auto supplies
Flower City Watch Crystal CompanyReynolds Arcadewatch company
Foley and DriscollNorth St 81cigars
Foley Wolfe Kinney CompanySouth Ave 179cigar distributors
Ford HotelChestnut and Elm Sthotel
Francis L Hughes a (cachet only)Exchange St 52-54carriages, rattanware, toys, baskets, notions
Francis L Hughes bExchange St 67-69 acarriages, rattanware, toys, baskets, notions
Francis L Hughes cExchange St 67-69 bcarriages, rattanware, toys, baskets, notions
Francis P Bianchi Real EstateState St 39 breal estate
Frank R Lawrence LodgeF & AM 797Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons
Frank RitterSt Paul St North 563-565parlor furnature
Franklin HouseFranklin St corner Northhotel
Franklin Institute aMain St East 546-554 a (x)education school
Franklin Institute bMain St East 546-554 b (x)education school
Franklin Institute cMain St East 546-554 c (x)education school
Franklin Institute dMain St East 546-554 d (x)education school
Franklin Institute e (back only)Main St East 546-554 escience and mechanical studies
Franklin Stamp CompanyFranklin St 225stamp company
Fred F SabeySouth Ave 170awnings, tents, flags, etc.
Frederick StarrMain St 45-51musical instrument manufacturer
French and SmithPowers Building 5insurance
Fromm Brothers (cover reverse)Campbell St 200meat products
Frost and Company bPlymouth Ave 368 b (x)Genesee Valley Nurseries
Frost and Company cPlymouth Ave 368 c (x)Genesee Valley Nurseries
G A Costich and Company(x)nurserymen
G PaucknerMt Hope Ave corner Cypressgrocer
G W Crouch, JrMain St and Goodmanlumber wholesale and retail
General Ice Cream CompanyWhite Stice cream
Genesee Brewing CompanySt Paul St 445 (x)brewers
Genesee Bridge Company, IncWest Ave 344civil engineering
Genesee Falls Lodge-Fred M. Young, SecretaryCleveland St 75Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons
Genesee Farmer a(x)publication
Genesee Farmer b(x)publication
Genesee Seed Store and Agricultural WarehouseBuffalo St 65agricultural goods
George A Stone Nursery Company(x)nurserymen
George B GardnerP O Box 97furniture manufacturer's agent
George C BuellMain St 75wholesale grocer
George D RamsdellMain St East 95 (x)engraver
George H Ellis and CompanyState St 15piano forte warerooms
George H FosterExchange St 69-75forwarding agent
George HeringxAberdeen St 19coins and stamps
George J BauerFront St 73coins, medals and tokens
George K Higbie and Company a(x)seed company
George K Higbie and Company b(x)seed company

George L Stratton and Company(x)wholesale paper and printer supplies
George N StormsAndrews St 59 (x)merchant tailor
George R ArthurRowe and First Stgrocer
George R Fuller aClinton Ave North 99 (x)Bly artificial limbs
George R Fuller bState St 40Bly artificial limbs
George T FishArcade Gallery 35 cnursery exchange
George W Fisher (cover reverse)Exchange St 6 (x)bookseller and stationer
Germanow-Simon Machine CompanySt Paul St 408plastic and glass watch crystals and parts
Gibbons and Stone aMain St East 110pianos and music dealers
Gibbons and Stone bMain St East 172 apiano manufacturer
Gibbons and Stone cMain St East 172 bpiano manufacturer
Gibson and Woodworth aState St 121 a (x)sporting goods
Gibson and Woodworth bState St 121 b (x)sporting goods
Gibson Drug Company(x)drug wholesale company
Gleason Works aBrowns Race (x)machine tools builder
Gleason Works bBrowns Race (x)machine tools builder
Gleichauf BrothersPark Ave 67-73 agrocery store
Glen Brothers a(x)nursery
Glen Brothers Glenwood Nursery b(x)nursery
Good Templar's Mutual Benefit AssociationGranite Building 730-732insurance
Gordons StoreMain St East 79-83
Gorton and McCabe(x)
Great International Life Insurance CompanyGranite Building 912-914insurance
Green's Fruit Grower bSouth and Highland Avenues b (x)nursery
Green's Fruit Grower Company dSouth and Highland Avenues d (x)nursery
Green's Nursery Company aSouth and Highland Avenues a (x)nursery
Green's Nursery Company cSouth and Highland Avenues c (x)nursery
Grover Nursery CompanyTrust Buildingtrees
Guido Piloni Heraldic LibraryWalnut St 3coats of arms
H B Graves Company, IncState St 74-76homes furnished complete
H B SladeMain St East 195produce merchant
H C Cohen and CompanyAndrews St 214-216Superba cravats
H E Hooker CompanyBay St corner Webster Ave (x)roses and tender
H H Babcock and Company(x)
H H Warner and Company aSt Paul St North 60-72 a (x)Warner's safe remedies/medicines
H H Warner and Company bSt Paul St North 60-72 bWarner's safe remedies/medicines
H J Bowden and Company aMeigs St 32 a (x)nurserymen
H J Bowden and Company bMeigs St 32 b (x)nurserymen
H KatzNorth St 259-263enameled ware, tinware, restaurant supplies
H M DatesState St 317-319hardware
H M Straussman aMill St 129-133 aparlor furnature
H M Straussman bMill St 129-133 bparlor furnature
H P Freeman and Company(x)nurserymen
H Rebscher PerfumerState St 262 (x)perfumes
H S MackieState St 82music and musical instruments
H V A CareyLake Ave 3673stamp dealer
Hale and BronkWilder Building 706lawyers
Hallowell and WillisWater St Northwool, sheep, skins
Harold H Clapp, Inc aUniversity Ave 1328 ababy food
Harold H Clapp, Inc bUniversity Ave 1328 bbaby food
Harry HarrisonState St 101 (x)sporting goods, guns
Harverstick and CompanyFord St 45-49engineering and industrial supplies
Havens, Mann, Strang and Whipple(x)lawyers
Hawk-Eye Works, Eastman KodakSt Paul St 1447glass manufacturers
Henry Likly and Company aMain St East 155 a (x)trunks and traveling bags
Henry Likly and Company bMain St East 155 b (x)trunks and traveling bags
Henry Likly and Company cMain St East 155 c (x)trunks and traveling bags
Henry Likly and Company dMain St East 155 d (x)trunks and traveling bags
Henry Likly and Company eLyell Ave 330-340trunks and traveling bags
Henry P Neun Water St North 77-79paper boxes, jewelery and silverware boxes
Henry R SeldenReynolds Arcade 5 (x)lawyer
Hershberg and Company(x)clothing manufacturer
Hickey-FreemanClinton Ave North 1155 (x)clothing manufacturer
Higgins-Almstead CompanyState St 59electrical supplies
Hiram KingsburyTemple St 8 (x)woodworking machinery
Hiram Sibley and Company a(x)seedsmen and florists
Hiram Sibley and Company b(x)seedsmen and florists
Hiram Sibley and Company c(x)seedsmen and florists
Holman Reamer Company(x)drill bits?
Hooker, Farley and CompanyPark Ave 100 (x)nurserymen
Hooker Nurseries-Edward J SeeberPark Ave 100 (x)nurserymen
Hop Bitters Manufacturing Company aMill St 50 a (x)hops
Hop Bitters Manufacturing Company bMill St 50 b (x)hops
Horse Owner's Mutual Indemnity Association aState St 57insurance
Horse Owner's Mutual Indemnity Association bState St 39 ainsurance
Horticultural Art JournalSt Paul St North 336publisher
Hotchkiss and GibbonsState St 121-123oysters and fruit
Hotel BrunswickMain St West 95 (x)hotel
Hotel Eggleston aMain St East 163 a (x)hotel
Hotel Eggleston bMain St East 163 bhotel
Hotel Richford aElm and Chestnut Streets ahotel
Hotel Richford bElm and Chestnut Streets bhotel
Hotel Richford cElm and Chestnut Streets chotel
Hotel Rochester aMain St West 96 a (x)hotel on 1914 Rochester Industrial Expo cachet
Hotel Rochester bMain St West 96 b (x)hotel
Hotel Seneca aClinton Ave South 26 a (x)hotel
Hotel Seneca bClinton Ave South 26 b (x)hotel
House's Printing Telegraph aArcade 11 atelegraph services
House's Printing Telegraph bArcade Hall 11telegraph service
Howe and Rogers Company a(x)radio parts wholesaler
Howe and Rogers Company b(x)radio parts wholesaler
Howlett Brothers aMain St East 39 arubber products
Howlett Brothers bMain St East 39 brubber products
Hoyt and GordonStone St 14bluing, blacking, inks, flavoring extracts
Hubbard, Eldredge and MillerLyell Ave 280 a(on Rochester Industrial Expo cachet)
Huber Electric Supply CompanySouth Ave 68electrical supplies
Humphreys-Fassett Paint CompanySouth Ave 24 bartist materials, paint supplies
Huther Brothers Saw Manufacturing Company, Inc aUniversity Ave 1290 (x)saws and cutters
Huther Brothers Saw Manufacturing Company, Inc bUniversity Ave 1250saws and cutters
Ideal Skirt Manufacturing Company(x)skirt manufacturer
Imperial Floor Company(x)fireproof flooring
International Harvester Company of AmericaMain St West 181-188farm machinery
Ira B Moore and CompanyHanson St 53hardware dealers
Irondequoit Union School(x)school
Irondequoit Wine CompanyMain St East 202 (x)liquor company
J A Ranney(x)water filters
J Austin Shaw aEast Park 2 a (x)nurserymen
J Austin Shaw bEast Park 2 bnurserymen
J B Keller SonsClinton Ave North 25florists
J B West and CompanyKidd Iron Works Building, Brown's RaceBarton and West water meter
J Eugene WhitneyCentral Ave and Mill St (Brackett House 7)nurserymen
J F LeClare(x)nurserymen
J Fahy and Company aState St 60-64 a (x)dry goods, millenary and mens goods
J Fahy and Company bState St 60-64 b (x)dry goods, millenary and mens goods
J Foster WarnerGranite Building 1036architect
J G Davis Company aGranite Mills a (x)flour producers
J G Davis Company bGranite Mills b (x)flour producers
J G Luitwieler and SonsSouth Ave 24 aartist materials
J Heilbrunn and SonsMill St 119-123show manufacturer
J Hungerford Smith Company aElm St 19 (x)manufacturing chemists, True Fruit
J Hungerford Smith Company bGoodman St North 410-420 a (x)manufacturing chemists, True Fruit
J Hungerford Smith Company cGoodman St North 410-420 bsoda fountain requisits
J Hungerford Smith Company dGoodman St North 410-420 csoda fountain requisits
J P MericleMain St East 110Oxford cigarettes
J S IrwinMill St 107manufacturer of files
J Vincent AlexanderGranite Building 1134-1136National Life Insurance Company
general manager
J W Hatch and CompanyMain St 17shoes and boots
J W Johnston aNew Arts Building aSnow White ink/paint products
J W Johnston bNew Arts Building bSnow White ink/paint products
J W Martin and BrotherState St 73pianos and organs
J W StebbinsPowers Block 100lawyer
Jackson's Temperence Hotel aMain St East 212 ahotel
Jackson's Temperence Hotel bMain St East 212 bhotel
Jacob Thomann and Sons, IncGoodman St North 838florists
James Cunningham aCanal St 3carriage and hearse manufacturer
James Cunningham bCanal St 25 a (x)carriage and hearse manufacturer
James Cunningham, Son and Company cCanal St 25 b (x)carriage and hearse manufacturer, autos
James E Whitney aEast Park 9 a (x)nurserymen
James E Whitney bEast Park 9 b (x)nurserymen
James Field aExchange St 41-43 aawning and tent manufacturers, ship chandler
James Field Company bExchange St 41-43 bawnings, tents, flags
James Johnston AgencyGranite Building 214insurance
James K Feely aPowers Building 35lawyer
James K Feely bPowers Building 305 alawyer
James K Feely cPowers Building 305 blawyer
James Palmer aMain St 154fireworks
James Palmer's Sons bMain St East 307fireworks
James R GriffinSpring St 25boost and shoes manufacturer
James Vick aEast Ave 343 a (x)seadman and florist
James Vick bEast Ave 343 b (x)seadman and florist
James Vick cEast Ave 343 c (x)seadman and florist
James Vick dEast Ave 343 d (x)seadman and florist
James Vick's Sons aEast Ave 1025 a (x)seedsmen
James Vick's Sons bEast Ave 1025 b (x)seedsmen
James Wilson and CompanyWater St South- Ely Millsflour mill
Jerome Keyes and CompanyFront St 193leather and findings
John A BurgessWilder Building 208-209investments, securities
John C Moore aSmiths Arcade 30bookbinder
John C Moore bStone St 69-71 a (x)blank books
John C Moore cStone St 69-71 b (x)blank books
John C Moore Corporation dStone St 69-71 aloose leaf record-keeping books and cabinets
John C Moore Corporation eStone St 65-71 bloose leaf record-keeping books and cabinets
John C Moore Corporation fStone St 65-71 cloose leaf record-keeping books and cabinets
John C Moore Corporation gStone St 65-71 dloose leaf record-keeping books and cabinets
John Gleiehauf and SonsPark Ave 67-73 bgrocery store
John KelleyAndrews corner Waterladies, misses and childs shoes
John R Pentecost and Company aMain St West 1 amerchant millers, flour and feed
John R Pentecost and Company bMain St West 1 bmerchant millers, flour and feed
John S Cain InsuranceGranite Building 629insurance
Joseph Hall Agricultural WorksWater St Souththrashing machine manufacturers
Joseph Harris(x)The Genesee Farmer Monthly
Joseph J ManderySt Paul St South 156masons" supplies
Judson and CompanyWater St North 119wood labels, nurserymen supplies
Keller-Heumann-ThompsonClinton Ave North 1415 (x)Timely clothes
Kelso Laundry CompanyState St 203-205laundry services
L C TowerExchange St 39thermometer manufacturer and confectioner
L M Simon and Company, IncNorth St 61-65
L WeichellExchange St 48boots and shoes
Lafler Engraving CompanyClinton Ave North 552printers
Lathrop's Pet Stock ShopEast Ave 27pet shop
Lauren H GardnerMill St 19-21 apaper and twine
Lawyers Co-Operative Publishing Company(x)law book publishers
Leary Dyeing and Cleansing Works aMill St corner Platt adye company
Leary Dyeing and Cleansing Works bMill St corner Platt bdye company
Levi Hey and CompanyState St 311-313radiators
Levis Brothers and Broxhold(x)shoes
Levis Music StoresMain St East 412music, musical instruments
Lewis H WhitbeckEast Side Savings Bank Buildinginsurance
Liberty StudiosWater St North 204
Likly-Frost Agency, IncEast Ave 42Georgia Home insurance
Likly Stores, IncMain St East 271luggage
Lincoln National BankMain St West 19bank (on 1920 Rochester Industrial Expo cachet)
Lincoln-Alliance Bank and Trust aMain St East 183 abank
Lincoln-Alliance Bank and Trust bExchange St 33bank
Lincoln-Alliance Bank and Trust cMain St East 183 bbank
Linderfelds(x)cough pectoral, billious pills, worm syrup
Livingston Hotel aExchange btwn Main St East and Broad E a (x)hotel
Livingston Hotel bExchange btwn Main St East and Broad E b (x)hotel
Livingston Hotel cExchange btwn Main St East and Broad E c (x)hotel
Livingston Hotel dExchange btwn Main St East and Broad E c (x)hotel
Loder Manufacturing Company(x)decorative swords
Louis Ernst and SonsSouth Ave 45hardware
Love's Popcorn of New YorkMonroe Ave 530popcorn
M B Schantz, IncMonroe Ave and Rutgers Stbutton manufacturer
M Beir and CompanyArcade 35insurance
M Brigg and SonState St 188 (x)safe manufacturers
M D Knowlton CompanyClarissa St 57-85 (x)paper box machinery
M D Knowlton CompanyClarissa St 57-85paper box machinery
M F Reynolds and Company(x)
Mac Alpine Bullock CompanyState St 114-118clothing
Mack and CompanyBrowns Race 18carving tools
Mandeville and King Company aUniversity Ave 1040 (x)flower seeds
Mandeville and King Company bUniversity Ave 1040flower seeds
Marigold RestaurantClinton Ave South 74restaurant
Massachussets Bonding and Insurance CompanyPowers Building 107insurance
Mathes Sales and Manufacturing CompanySt Paul St 97 (x)manufacturing chemists
Matthews and Boucher aExchange St 26 a (x)hardware merchants
Matthews and Boucher bExchange St 26 b (x)hardware merchants
Matthews and Boucher cExchange St 26 c (x)hardware merchants
Matthews and Boucher dExchange St 26 d (x)hardware merchants
Matthews and Boucher eExchange St 26 ehardware merchants
Max Landsberg(x)senior rabbi of the Temple B'rith Kodesh
McBride and True Oil CompanyStone St 2-10oil
McCall Machine WorksAllen St 89 (x)hydraulic presses and special machinery
McCord, Gibson and Stewart aMain St East 85 a (x)sporting goods
McCord, Gibson and Stewart bMain St East 85 bsporting goods
McCormick Harvesting Machine Company(x)farming equipment
McCurdy and CompanyMain St East 273-291department store
McFarlin Clothing Company aMain St East 110-116 aclothing
McFarlin Clothing Company bMain St East 110-116 bclothing
Mechanics Savings BankExchange St 21bank
Meng and Shafer aMain St East 186 amanufacturing hatters and furriers
Meng and Shafer bMain St East 186 bmanufacturing hatters and furriers
Menihan and Gilchrist(x)women's shoes manufacturers
Menihan CompanyClifford Ave 1225Menihan arch-aid
Mensing and Strecher aSt Paul St North 118lithographers
Mensing and Strecher bSt Paul St North 336-340lithographers
Merriam and CompanyMain St West 40booksellers and stationers
Metallic Basket CompanyAnderson Ave 76galvanized steel measures and receptacles
Meulendyke and Veyhl Manufacturing CompanyAndrews and North Water Streetsparlor furniture, easy chairs
Meyer, Foote and Dayton CompanyPublic Market 7-9tea importers, coffee roasters
Milton H Smith and CompanySt Paul St South 53 (x)printers of society address cards
Mohawk Condensed Milk CompanyWhite St 32 (x)canned milk
Monroe Pharmacal Company(x)manufacturing chemists
Monroe Stamp CompanyConcord Ave 87philatelic stamps and supplies
Moore and Beirs(x)clothing manufacturer
Moore's Rural New Yorker aBuffalo St opposite Court House a (x)agent for North Wayne Scythe Company
Moore's Rural New Yorker bBuffalo St opposite Court House b (x)agent for North Wayne Scythe Company
Moore's Rural New Yorker bBuffalo St opposite Court House c (x)agent for North Wayne Scythe Company
Morgan Machine CompanyUniversity Ave 1230 (x)box-making, lock-corner and nailing machines
Morris Rosenbloom and CompanyMain St East 56
Moseley and Motley Milling Company aMill St and Brown St a (x)flour milling
Moseley and Motley Milling Company bMill St and Brown St b (x)flour milling
Multipost CompanyCentre Park 51-55postage devices
Mutscher BrothersMain St East 77crockery, china, glasware, lamp goods
Mutual Aid and Accident Association aPowers Building 86association
Mutual Aid and Accident Association bPowers Building 442 ainsurance
Mutual Aid and Accident Association cPowers Building 442 binsurance
Mutual Aid Society(x)society
Mutual Benefit AssociatesPowers Block 55insurance
N B PhelpsBuffalo St (x)machinery
N M BowieBarrington St 185New York State Legislative Office
National American Woman Sufferage Association bMadison St 7 b (x)association
National American Woman Sufferage Association cMadison St 7 b (x)association
National Biscuit CompanyWest Ave 88-90cookies, crackers
National HotelFitzhugh St North and Main St West (x)hotel
National Woman Sufferage Association aMadison St 7 a (x)association
Naylom Shoe Company(x)shoe manufacturer
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company(x)railroad
New York Institute of Science(x)paranormal quackery
New York State Pharmacy AssociationWinton Rd North 379association
New York State Railways(x)railroad
Newell and Turpin aFront St 110 amirrors
Newell and Turpin bFront St 110 bmirrors
Nichols, Peck and CompanyState St 69carriages and sleighs
North American Accident Insurance CompanyGranite Building 820insurance
North Wayne Scythe Company(x)grass and grain scythes
Northwestern Mutual Life insurance CompanyState St 8insurance
O B WebberPlatt St 167groceries and provisions
O'dea Home Supply Company(x)
Odenbach and ShaleState St 39 dfur manufacturer
Office Specialty Manufacturing CompanyWilder Building 601-606vertical filing cabinets
Old Antique ShopState St 62antiques
Olver Brothers(x)agriculture?
Oothout and BurtisWater St South 13whiskey and wine brewers
OptonaSt Paul St 77 (x)eye bath tablets
Osburn House aMain St East 128 a (x)hotel
Osburn House bMain St East 128 b (x)hotel
Osburn House New aSouth Ave 104 a (x)hotel
Osburn House New bSouth Ave 104 b (x)hotel
Osburn House New cSouth Ave 104 c (x)hotel
Osburn House New dSouth Ave 104 d (x)hotel
Osburn House New eSouth Ave 104 e (x)hotel
Osburn House New fSouth Ave 104 f (x)hotel
Osburn House New gSouth Ave 104 g (x)hotel
Otis and GorslinePowers Block 51sewer pipe manufacturer
Otto Burnz Company, IncLyell Ave 280 bfurnaces, torches and plumbers tools
P Christman Meat MarketLyell Ave 183butcher
P Meagher and SonsSt Paul St 568-574cigars
P W Garfield and CompanyBuffalo St 11porcelain, cutlery, silver plated goods
Packard Buffalo IncUniversity Ave 1042Packard autos
Paine Drug CompanyMain St East 24-26 (x)druggist
Park Avenue HospitalPark Ave 789hospital
Pen-Carbon Manifold CompanyGranite Building 423-425carbon paper
Pet Show and Fair CommitteeClinton Ave North 135pet show
Petri and Herbert Fruit CompanyReynolds Arcade 65 (x)wholesale dried fruits
Pfaudler Vacuum Fermentation CompanyWest Ave 1000 (x)glass lined tanks
Philip PresentMain St East and North Clinton Ave (Washington Hall Block)watches, clocks, jewelery
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance CompanyReynolds Arcade 43insurance
Photo Materials CompanyAqueduct St 11 (x)photographic materials
Plymouth StablesPlymouth Ave 26coaches, livery and boarding
Post Express Printing Company aWater St North 58 a (x)printers
Post Express Printing Company bWater St North 58 b (x)printers
Post Express Printing Company cWater St North 58 c (x)printers
Post Office DepartmentChurch St 30 (x)postal operations
Powers Banking HouseMain St West and State St (x)banking
Powers Hotel aMain St West 36 a (x)hotel
Powers Hotel bMain St West 36 b (x)hotel
Powers Hotel cMain St West 36 c (x)hotel
Powers Hotel dMain St West 36 d (x)hotel
Powers Hotel eMain St West 36 e (x)hotel
Present Jewelry CompanyChamber of Commerce Building 207wholesale jewelers
Price's Fish Market, IncMain St East 385fish
Prince Furniture and Carpet CompanyReynolds St 179furniture and carpets
Printing House of Leo HartClinton Ave North 1776printers
Progressive Working Peoples LyceumSt Paul St 580educational organization
Protective Life Association aPowers Building 442 cinsurance
Protective Life Association bPowers Block 442 binsurance
Protective Life Association cPowers Block 442 cinsurance
Protective Life Association dPowers Building 251 ainsurance
Protective Life Association ePowers Building 251 binsurance
Prudential Insurance Company of AmericaCutler Building 426insurance
PunnettSt Paul St 166safes
Pure Gold Manufacturing CompanyBrown's Race foot of Furnace St b (x)coffee importers and roasters
Quality Mattress CompanyMill St 116-120mattresses
R A GriffinBox 345
R A NewmanMain St 115druggist
R C ShreveGranite Building 920fruits and produce
R G Dun and Company a(x)financial reporting
R G Dun and Company b(x)financial reporting
R H CurranMain St corner Water Streetsprinter/publisher
R H CurranMain St corner Water Streetsprinter/publisher
R J Gunson and Company(x)
R J Strassenburgh CompanyExchange St 195manufacturing chemists
R M Myers and CompanyExchange St 29 (x)stationery store?, letterpress paper
R M WestonBox 556stamps
R T Ford CompanySouth Ave 200-206heating and ventilating
R T French Company aBrown's Race foot of Furnace St a (x)mustard and spice manufacturer
R T French Company bMustard St 1 (x)mustard and spice manufacturer
Railway Express AgencyClinton Ave North 360package delivery service
Randolph HuntingtonScio St 51 (x)Arabian and Clay horse breeder
Raymond's Insurance CompanyMain St West 31-33insurance
Red Cross(x)stoves and ranges
Redfield HouseNorth Central Depot 2nd Doorhotel
Regia Agenzia Consolare d'ItaliaState St 324embassy consulate
Reliable NurseriesBrighton Station (Post Office Box)nursery
Ricker and MontgomeryLorimer St 58hay and grain carriers and slings
Rochester Agricultural Works aSt Paul St South 68 a (x)horse plows, feed cutters, thrashers
Rochester Agricultural Works bSt Paul St South 68 b (x)horse plows, feed cutters, thrashers
Rochester Agricultural Works cSt Paul St South 68 c (x)horse plows, feed cutters, thrashers
Rochester and Glen Haven Rail Road Company(x)railroad
Rochester Aromatic Disinfector CompanyPotter St 7manufacturer
Rochester Awning and Tent CompanyState St x9awnings, tents
Rochester Axle Company aMain St East and Goodman St awagon and carriage axles
Rochester Axle Company bMain St East and Goodman St bwagon and carriage axles
Rochester Bar AssociationPowers Building 209association
Rochester Basket WorksOrchard St 170basket manufacturer
Rochester Brewery(x)brewery
Rochester Business Institute(x)school
Rochester Business University aBakers Block (x)school
Rochester Business University bAssociation Bldg St Paul S and Court St, fl 5-6 (x)school
Rochester Cabinet and Manufacturing CompanyChilds St corner Rochester & Pittsburgh RRcabinets
Rochester Camera Company aElizabeth St 29-39 aphotography
Rochester Camera Company bElizabeth St 29-39 bphotography
Rochester Candy Works aState St 407-411 acandy
Rochester Candy Works bState St 407-411 bcandy
Rochester Candy Works cState St 407 ccandy
Rochester Chamber of CommerceSt Paul St 25association
Rochester Chamber of CommerceSt Paul St 25association
Rochester ClubEast Ave 120club and party house
Rochester Commercial Nurseries(x)nursery
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle(x)newspaper
Rochester Fireworks CompanyMain St East 402fireworks
Rochester Frances, IncEast Ave 77-83women's clothes
Rochester Gas and Electric(x)public utility
Rochester Gas Light Company(x)public utility
Rochester General HospitalMain St West 501hospital
Rochester German Insurance CompanyGerman Insurance Company Building (x)insurance
Rochester Lithographing Company aWater St North 176printing
Rochester Lithographing Company bWater St North 176-180printing
Rochester Lithographing Company cElizabeth St 22printing
Rochester Monotype Composition CompanySouth Ave 77printers
Rochester Native Wine CompanyMain St 68wine
Rochester Nonrust Tinware CompanySophia and Allen Streets (x)tinware
Rochester Optical CompanyWater St South 43 (x)camera company
Rochester Philatelic Association aLaurelton Rd 254stamp organization
Rochester Philatelic Association aSawyer St 322stamp organization
Rochester Philatelic Association aEast Ave 657stamp organization
Rochester Philatelic Association aEast Ave 657stamp organization
Rochester Polish CorporationWater St North 125polish manufacturer
Rochester Presbyterian Home, IncCutler Building 416nursing home
Rochester Printing CompanyMain St East 59-61printers of Democrat and Chronicle
Rochester Pulley CompanyWater St North 117-119pulley manufacturer
Rochester Radiator Company aState St corner Furnace St aradiators
Rochester Radiator Company bState St corner Furnace St bradiators
Rochester Radiator Company cState St corner Furnace St cradiators
Rochester Railway and Light CompanyClinton Ave North 20-30railway equipment
Rochester Rod and Gun ClubPowers Block 829association
Rochester Rubber Company(x)rubber products
Rochester Savings Bank aMain and Fitzhugh Streets a (x)bank
Rochester Savings Bank bMain and Fitzhugh Streets b (x)bank
Rochester Scale Works-H J Howe and CompanyAndrews St 3scales
Rochester Seed Company(x)seeds
Rochester Sewer Pipe Company-Otis and GorslineOak St 545 (x)pipe manufacturer
Rochester Spray Pump Company aBroadway 179 a (x)spray pumps
Rochester Spray Pump Company bBroadway 179 b (x)spray pumps
Rochester Spray Pump Company cBroadway 179 c (x)spray pumps
Rochester Spray Pump Company dBroadway 179 d (x)spray pumps
Rochester Spray Pump Company eBroadway 179 espray pumps
Rochester Spring CompanyWater St North 217 (x)springs
Rochester Stamping CompanySaratoga Ave 12 (x)pot and kettle manufacturer
Rochester Star Nurseries(x)nurserymen
Rochester Telephone Company(x)telephone service
Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Company aExchange St 1 a (x)bank
Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Company bExchange St 1 b (x)bank
Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Company cExchange St 1 c (x)bank on 1919 Roch Ind expo cachet
Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Company dExchange St 1 d (x)bank
Rochester Wire and Iron Fence CompanyCaledonia Ave 7fences
Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo Rail Road Corporation(x)railroad
Rural Home aBuffalo St 25 a (x)publication
Rural Home bBuffalo St 25 b (x)publication
Rural Home Company Limited bBuffalo St 25 c (x)The American Rural Home publication
Rural Life and Farm Stock JournalWater St South 5 bmonthly publication
Rural New Yorker(x)farming publication
Ryan and McIntee, IncChestnut St 207funeral home
S B Williams OilsExchange St 25 aoils
S F Hess and Company aExchange St 57-63 a (x)Creole cigarettes
S F Hess and Company bExchange St 57-63 b (x)Creole cigarettes
S F Hess and Company cExchange St 57-63 c (x)Creole cigarettes
S Rosenblatt and CompanyState St 42millinary and fancy goods
Sagamore HotelEast Ave 111 b (x)hotel
Samuel W LevisSouth Ave 38pianos, organs and music goods
Sargent and GreenleafCourt and Stone Stwatch maker?
Satterlee, Yeoman and Taylor aGerman Insurance Company Building 9 Fllaw firm
Satterlee, Yeoman, French and Goodwin bGerman Insurance Company Buildinglaw firm
Scanlan and LaneBurke Building 229-231wholesale jewelers
School of Aerial PhotographyKodak Park (x)school
Schribner's Lumber and Log BookBox 238publication
Scientific Happiness AssociationMyrtle St 13association
Scrantom, Wetmore and Company aMain St 22 Powers Building (x)wholesale stationers, publishers
Scrantom, Wetmore and Company bMain St corner State St - Powers Buildingstationery and office furnishings
Scrantoms Inc cMain St East 334 (x)stationery store
Selden Motor Vehicle Company(x)auto and truck manufacturer and retailer
Seneca Camera Manufacturing CompanyState St 281 (x)camera manufacturer
Sen-Sen CompanyWater St North 111 (x)perfumers and candy
Sen-Sen Gum (T B Dunn Company) aWater St North 111 a (x)perfumers and candy
Sen-Sen Gum (T B Dunn Company) bWater St North 111 b (x)perfumers and candy
Sen-Sen Gum (T B Dunn Company) cWater St North 111 a (cx)perfumers and candy
Sen-Sen Gum (T B Dunn Company) dWater St North 111 d (x)perfumers and candy
Sen-Sen Gum (T B Dunn Company) eWater St North 111 e (x)perfumers and candy
Sen-Sen Gum (T B Dunn Company) fWater St North 111 f (x)perfumers and candy
Servis and HoffmanWater St South 30-32show cases, wood mantels, saloon fixtures
Severne Wine CompanyBeckley Buildingwine
Sherwood and RumseyMill St 108dealers in shoe machinery and leather
Shipman Engine Manufacturing CompanyBismark Placeengines
Shur-on Optical CompanyKirstein Building (x-est 170 Franklin St)optical products
Sibley, Lindsay and Curr Company aMain St East 228-280 adepartment store
Sibley, Lindsay and Curr Company bMain St East 228-280 bdepartment store
Sidney B Roby aState St 77saddlery and coach hardware
Sidney B Roby bMill St 67-71saddlery and coach hardware
Sidney B Roby Company cSouth Ave 208-214 airon and steel, industrial supplies
Sidney B Roby Company dSouth Ave 208-214 biron and steel, industrial supplies
Sill Stove Works aOak St 492-536 a (x)heating stoves
Sill Stove Works bOak St 492-536 b (x)heating stoves
Singer Manufacturing CompanyBuffalo St 31sewing machines
Smith and Herrick(x)shoe manufacturer
Smith and Perkins aMain St a (x)wholesale grocer
Smith and Perkins bMain St b (x)wholesale grocer
Smith Premier Typewriter CompanySt Paul St South 21typewriter manufacturer
Smith, Degraff and CastlemanExchange St 25 blawyers
Smith, Gormly Company, IncSt Paul St 174-180wholesale dry goods
Smith, Johnson and Company(x)saw gummer manufacturer
Snow Church CompanyGranite Building 1012-1014lawyers, debt collection
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of ChildrenPlymouth Ave North 90social services
Society of Motion Picture EngineersState St 343 eassociation
Sons of the American RevolutionMain St East 103association
Sons of VeteransState St 16association
St Bernard's SeminaryLake Ave 2260 (x)education school
St John the Evangelist's Church548 Humboldt Stchurch
St Luke's Drugless Health SanitariumLake Ave 663hospital
Standard Fire Insurance Company of New JerseyState St 39 cinsurance
Star Chemical Works-N O Vosburgh and Company(x)perfumes, soaps, flavoring extracts
Star Egg Carrier and Tray Manufacturing Company(x)egg containers
Stecher Lithographic Company(x)printers, colored fruit and botanical prints
Stein Bloch Company a(x)wholesale tailors
Stein Bloch Company b(x)wholesale tailors
Stein Manufacturing Company a(x)burial caskets
Stein Manufacturing Company b(x)burial caskets
Steinfield System ClothesNorth St 221suits and overcoats
Stone and Wellington(x)nurserymen
Stromberg-Carlson Company cCarlson Rd 100telephone equipment manfacturer
Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Company aUniversity Ave 1050 a (x)telephone manufacturer
Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Company bUniversity Ave 1050 btelephone manufacturer
Strong, Woodbury and CompanyAllen St corner Washington St awhips
Sullivan Motor Truck CompanyEast Ave 1703trucks
Superior Cigar CompanyMain St East 405 bcigars
Supreme Court(x)court
T B Dunn CompanyWater St North 111 (x)perfumers and candy
T H GrovesMain St East 10boots, shoes, rubbers
Taylor Brothers Company aAmes St 91 a (x)thermometers
Taylor Brothers Company bAmes St 91 b (x)thermometers
Taylor Instrument Companies aAmes St Corner West Ave a (x)instrument manufacturer
Taylor Instrument Companies bAmes St Corner West Ave binstrument manufacturer
Teall's Ice Cream Company, IncOrmond St 97ice cream
Thomas J Northway, IncExchange St 100auto dealership, DeSotos and Plymouth
Thomas W Bowman a(x)nurserymen
Thomas W Bowman b(x)nurserymen
Thomas W Bowman, The Rochester Star Nurseries c(x)nurserymen
Thomas Wright aArcade Gallery 35 anursery stock broker
Thomas Wright bArcade Gallery 35 bnursery stock broker
Tower and Dean(x)stationers
Tracy Female InstituteAlexander St 33school?
Traders National Bank aState St 43-45 a (x)bank
Traders National Bank bState St 43-45 b (x)bank
Traveler'sMain St East 130insurance?
Traveler's Life Insurance Company of AmericaMercantile Building 1101insurance
Trimble Nurseryland Furniture, IncWren St 100furniture
Trimby and Brewster Shoe Company(x)shoes
Tucker, Anthony and CompanyEast Ave 20investment firm
Turpin and Stillman cFront St 110 cmirrors
Union and Advertiser a(x)newspaper, printers, publishers, engravers
Union and Advertiser b(x)newspaper, printers, publishers, engravers
Union and Advertiser c(x)newspaper, printers, publishers, engravers
Union and Advertiser d(x)newspaper, printers, publishers, engravers
Union BankState St 25 (x)bank
Union Clothing CompanyMain St corner Water St (x)clothing manufacturer
Union Scale WorksAqueduct St Phenix Buildingscale company
Union Trust Company of RochesterMain St West 19bank
Unites States Life Insurance CompanyWilder Building 405-406insurance
University Avenue NurseriesUniversity Ave (x)nursery
University of Rochester aPrince St 40 a (x)university
University of Rochester-School of Medicine and DentistryCrittenten Blvd 263doctor office
University of Rochester-Sibley Hall cPrince St 40 b (x)library
University of Rochester-Theta Delta Chi Fraternity bPrince St 40 b (x)university
Upson BrothersExchange St 84tool makers
Upton Coal Company aReynolds Arcade 18 acoal
Upton Coal Company bReynolds Arcade 18 bcoal
US Internal Revenue ServiceBuffalo St 58 Old Eagle Hotel Blocktax receiver
US Standard Voting Machine Company(x)voting machines
Vacuum Oil Company aaExchange St 936 aa (x)vacuum oil blacking lubricant, harness oil
Vacuum Oil Company aExchange St 936 a (x)vacuum oil blacking lubricant, harness oil
Vacuum Oil Company bExchange St 936 b (x)vacuum oil blacking lubricant, harness oil
Vacuum Oil Company cExchange St 936 c (x)vacuum oil blacking lubricant, train oil
Vacuum Oil Company dExchange St 936 d (x)vacuum oil blacking lubricant, train oil
Vacuum Oil Company eExchange St 936 e (x)vacuum oil blacking lubricant
Vacuum Oil Company fExchange St 936 f (x)vacuum oil blacking lubricant
Vacuum Oil Company gExchange St 936 g (x)vacuum oil blacking lubricant
Vernon SanatoriumEast Ave 907 (x)medical facility
Vincent BrothersMain St East 356tobaccoists
Vogt Optical CompanyAtlantic Ave 11-19photographic materials
W A CarrForest St 6stamps
W E Woodbury and CompanyMain St East 32-34grocers
W EnsmanAvenue D 352tobaccoist
W F WhitingSouth Ave 63wall paper and paints
W H Glenny and CompanyMain St East 190-194household furnishings, ironing boards
W H Rowerdink and CompanyNorth Ave 78-82saddles and harnesses
W N Clark CompanyHollenbeck St 333 (x)preservers and packers
W P Davis Machine Company aMill St 131-137 a (x)machine tools and supplies
W P Davis Machine Company bMill St 131-137 b (x)machine tools and supplies
W R BetteridgeAlexander St 278Hebrew professor, U of R Theological Seminary
W S Little and Company aCutler Building 110 a (x)commercial nurseries, peaches
W S Little and Company bCutler Building 110 b (x)commercial nurseries, peaches
W S Little Company cCutler Building 110 cnurserymen and seedmen
Walter S ForsytheUnion Trust Building 518-521lawyer
Ward'sClinton Ave South 91minerology, geology, zoology
Ward's Natural Science Establishment aCollege Ave aminerology, geology, zoology
Ward's Natural Science Establishment bCollege Ave bminerology, geology, zoology
Warfield and CompanyExchange St 85-87 amachinery oils
Warner's Safe Yeast Company cSt Paul St North 60-72 cyeast
Warsaw Elevator CompanyMill St 189elevators
Waverley House(x)hotel
Welch and FirmanSmith's Block 12-Arcade (x)general insurers
Welsbach Gas Lamp CompanyFitzhugh St North 28gas lamps
West Tire Setter Company aMeigs St 105tire repair
West Tire Setter Company bExchange St 399-407 atire repair
West Tire Setter Company cExchange St 399-407 btire repair
Western NY Agricultural SocietyMain St East 217organization
Western UnionMain St East 16telegraph service
Western Union TelegraphArcade 11 btelegraph service
WHAMEast Ave 111 a (x)radio station
Wheeler-Green Electric Company(x)electrical equipment and appliances
Whitcomb House aMain St East 209 a (x)hotel
Whitcomb House bMain St East 209 b (x)hotel
Whitcomb House cMain St East 209 c (x)hotel
White Line Central Transit Company(x)railroad
White Swan Soap CompanyExchange St 500-504soap
Whitney ElevatorBrown St 126 (x)elevator manufacturer
Wholesale Clothing Bowling LeagueElm St 43-45clothing
William B GeddisMagne St 53flour and fruit barrels, staves, hoops
William ChappellArcade Gallery 37army and navy claim agent
William Corning (Sr.)(x)banker
William Eastwood and SonsMain St East 176-180 (x)shoe makers
William H Walker and Company(x)photographic supplies
William J BakerFitzhugh St North 31lawyer
William J JuneClifton St 48soft soles and moccasins
William Kidd and CompanyMill St 36foundry and steam engine works
William L Markell and BrothersMill St 50 (x)Mitchell's extracts, perfumes
William S Kimball and CompanyCourt Sttobacco factory
William S Kimball and Company Branch, American Tobacco CoCourt Sttobacco factory
William S Scull CompanyExchange St 372-378coffee, tea, rice, bosco, bovril
William V Graeser Furrier aClinton St South 31 afurs
William V Graeser Furrier bClinton St South 31 bfurs
William W ArmstrongPowers Buildinglawyer
William W Osgoodby(x)law stenographer
Williams and BassettExchange St 85-87 bmachinery oils
Williamson and HigbieExchange St 9-11 alaw book publishers
Williamson Law Book CompanyExchange St 9-11 blaw book publishers
Wilmot Castle CompanySt Paul St 610-616 (x)medical, dental and hospital equipment
Wilson Brothers(x)flour
Wilson Memindex CompanySt Paul St 157 (x)card index and day books
Wollensak Optical CompanyCentral Ave 280 and Chatham St (x)photographic shutters and lenses
Woodbury Whip CompanyAllen St corner Washington St bwhips
Woodward and RundelState St 126paintings, engravings, chromos
Wycoff, Seamans and BenedictWilder Building 312-313Remington typewriters
Yalowich Brothers Drug CompanySt Paul St 1652retain druggist
Yates Coal CompanyElwood Building 1coal
Yauchzi CompanyLake Ave 773plumbing, heating, tinsmithing, hardware
Yawman and Erbe Manufacturing Company aSt Paul St 590 a (x)filing cabinets
Yawman and Erbe Manufacturing Company bSt Paul St 590 b (x)filing cabinets
Young Mens Christian Association- Railroad BranchHyde Park 18association
Youthful Tint Manufacturing Company a(x)perfumes, toilet requisites, stage makeup
Youthful Tint Manufacturing Company b(x)perfumes, toilet requisites, stage makeup

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